Is PS5 Mic Not Working? (Troubleshoot With This Guide)

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With time, we enjoyed a lot of new technologies as we talked about the new thrilling games, from our Android phones to smart TVs. How our visuals innovated their screen size some other types of equipment also contributed to your enjoyment, for example, PS5. However several users have faced issues with its mic – it is not working for them.

Fix PS5 Mic Not Working

In today’s generation, no game player is left who doesn’t know about the PS5 – it’s a gaming console that helps you to communicate with your friends while you are gaming. 

But what happened when these innovative features stopped working, and you are thinking about why I couldn’t hear my friend? If you are experiencing this situation, you are not alone.

In this guide, we will explain the possible causes and settings that can affect your Mic performance, and at the end, you will get some simple troubleshooting steps that will resolve this issue for you.

Why Your PS5 Mic May Stop Working?

There are some tested reasons why your PS5 mic is not working, these are –

Mic Settings

Nowadays, we use various gadgets but don’t know about their settings, and it may also happen to you – if you are turned off or turned on your PS5 at a very low volume. So, make sure to frame your mic settings and ensure it by going to the “Sound” setting in the mic, and adjusting the sound volume.

Privacy Settings

In the Mic Settings, there is a section called “Privacy” that controls the mic access. If your mic isn’t working properly, it can be due to privacy settings. 

Here’s how to verify privacy settings on the PS5: 

  • Go to settings >privacy >microphone.
  • Select the Microphone and verify if the access is enabled.

Hardware Problems

The other main cause is hardware, due to which, your mic may stop working properly. Try to check if your Headset is connected to the console – if you are using a wired headset. Also, ensure that your wireless headset is charged enough or linked via Bluetooth for proper functioning. You can also check if your headset has any broken parts or loose wires. 

Game-Specific Settings 

Some of the games need specific permissions to access your headset’s mic. So, if the mic is not working for a specific, then it might be due to the permission that the game needed. Change the mic permission from the game settings and see if the problem resolves or not.

Software Updates

Sometimes, due to an older version of your PS5’s software, you may face performance issues with the mic. 

So, for proper functionality, ensure that you have the updated software on your console.

How to Resolve Issues With Your PS5 Mic That Is Not Working?

Troubleshooting issues with your PS5’s mic is very easy, it just involves a few simple steps –

Restart PS5 

Whenever we talk about the troubleshooting steps, the thing that first comes to our mind is restart, because it’s a simple step that’s benefited many users.

To restart your mic, follow these steps –

  • First of all turn off your PS5, press and hold the power button for a few minutes until a beep sound is heard. 
  • After a few minutes, click on the power button again to restart.

Try Resetting The Controller

There is a small button on the back of your controller, press this button for 5 seconds and it will reset the controller. Also, check your mic settings to make sure the mic isn’t muted – you can ensure this by watching YouTube videos or playing other games.

Check Your Headset Connection Properly

Sometimes, the issue is with the connection of the console and your headset, and we think that it is broken or something else.

Before this, verify that the wires of the mic are properly connected to the device. 

If you are using a wireless mic ignore the above-mentioned suggestions.

Mute- Unmute Then Connect To Your Device

The other quick solution is, the mute Unmute step- in which you mute your mic, and then, Unmute it, and frame the connection with the device. And then verify for the proper functioning.

Verify That Your Mic Is Not Muted

Most of the PS5 users are not aware that there is a dedicated “Mute”  button that affects communications. If you accidentally press the mute button then, you are facing an audio-related problem.

So, verify that you didn’t press the button.

Here’s how to check:

There is a button in the PlayStations controller center-  select it and unmute all. 

Modify The PS5 Volume 

Sometimes, you cannot hear your friend’s volume due to a problem with your volume settings.

You can fix it immediately by following the steps given below-

  • Navigate to preference > sound > audio output > adjustment of mic volume.
  • Now you can make adjustments as per your preference.

Refresh Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is loose, you may face inconvenience while communicating with your friends. For a few minutes, turn off your internet, and restart it again. It may help you.

Restart Your Router And Your Console

Sometimes, the problem is not as big as we think, so restarting your console and router can help you get rid of this problem.

Check Any Pending Updates On Your Console 

Check your pending updates once, that may also help you recover from the problem.  

Contact PS5 Service Support 

After following the above tips, if you still facing any issues, try to connect with the PS5 service support for further assistance.

Visit to get help from the official team.

Ending Lines

I hope the above tips may help you to resolve your problems. Try to fix your wiring properly and, if you are using a wireless headset, make sure it’s charged enough, go through the settings of your PS5.

If the problem remains the same then, contact the support team of PS5 for further advice.

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