Samsung TV Plus Category Wise Channels List in 2024 [Updated]

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Have you owned a Samsung Smart TV or Samsung Smart Phone or Tablet? Do you want to know the Samsung TV Plus Channels List? Here you can go with this guide.

Samsung TV Plus is a free streaming service that offers hundreds of channels for its customers. The good thing about this is- It is free to use. Samsung TV Plus is not only available for Samsung Smart TV users but the Samsung smartphone and tablets users may also get the entertainment dose using this. 

These days a lot of OTT platforms are available like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and many more but, most of them, take some piece of money to obtain the content available on those. In this situation, users move forward toward the free service providing platforms such as Samsung TV Plus. 

If you are spending time searching the channel number of your choice then, here is a list that will take you to the right place. This list would be categorized so that according to the category you can find your channel easily.

Samsung TV Plus Channels List

Samsung TV Plus Channels List

A big challenge is in front of the users- is to select the exact number of their channels to stream the content on Samsung TV Plus. That’s why we have spent hours on this and tried to make a list of Samsung TV Plus channels that are also categorized.

According to your choice of category, you can select the channel and get the dose of entertainment.

Note: Although Samsung TV Plus is free to use, it has some restrictions on channels according to the geo-location. So, maybe,  if you are looking to watch a channel on Samsung TV Plus that will not be available in your location. In simple words, Samsung TV Plus is available in a few countries only, so if your country is on the list of non-service countries then, you will not be able to access the Samsung TV Plus.

List Of Countries Where Samsung TV Plus Service is Available

  1. Austria.
  2. Australia. 
  3. Belgium.
  4. Brazil.
  5. Canada.
  6. Denmark.
  7. Finland.
  8. France.
  9. Germany.
  10. India.
  11. Italy.
  12. Luxembourg.
  13. Mexico.
  14. The Netherland.
  15. Norway.
  16. Portugal.
  17. South Korea.
  18. Spain.
  19. Sweden.
  20. Switzerland.
  21. Thailand.
  22. The United Kingdom.
  23. The United States.

So if you are living in any of these countries, you can find the channel according to the category. 

Entertainment Channel List of Samsung TV Plus 

We have put this category first because entertainment is very necessary for this life. People do a lot of work daily and they forget to get entertain themselves. But, the ways of getting entertained are different for different-different people. So, if you get entertained by watching movies, shows, music, and videos, this list is for you. 

Here, you can select the entertainment channel according to your choice. Have a look at the list.

21 Jump Street1066
Bounce XL1061
Brat TV1101
Clarity 4K1070
Danger TV1072
Dove Channel1091
Drama Life1060
ET Live1103
Fireplace 4K1003
Fuse Backstage1085
ION Plus1062
Lucky Dog1068
Magellan TV Now1073
MHz Now1096
People TV1105
Rotten Tomatoes1106
Shout! Factory1090
Stories by AMC1052
The Bob Ross Channel1069
The Walking Dead Universe1065
TV Land Drama1055
TV Land Sitcoms1054
Entertainment Channel List of Samsung TV Plus 

Crime Channel List of Samsung TV Plus

If you are a person, from the list of lovers of crime and mystery stories, then this list will be suitable for you. Samsung TV Plus has many channels that regularly stream crime and stories that are full of mystery, which will give you pleasure.

The crime stories are full of mystery and suspences so if you are a person who loves these things, this list is for you. Look at the Crime Channel List of Samsung TV Plus and select your channel just pressing the code in front of that.

Court TV1133
Crime 3601126
Crime Zone1125
Dr. G: Medical Examiner1128
Forensic Files1131
Law & Crime1077
The New Detectives1130
Unsolved Mysteries1135
Crime Channel List of Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus Channel List of News

These days news has become a part of our daily routine work. People who wanted to know their surroundings, local area, country, and other countries, love to watch or hear news on daily basis. Sometimes, people don’t have enough time to search their favorite news channel, in this case, putting the exact code on their remote can do their work easier.

That’s why we have created a Samsung TV Plus channel list for news lovers persons. If you love to watch or hear the news, this list will make your work easier as you don’t need to search that channel that you want to watch, just press the code on your remote and your channel will start streaming.

ABC News Live1007
Black News Channel1024
Bloomberg Quicktake1021
Bloomberg TV+ UHD1015
Cheddar News1016
LiveNOW from Fox1006
Local News 11041
NBC News NOW1008
Real America’s Voice1029
TODAY All Day1019
TYT Network1032
USA Today1023
Yahoo! Finance1017
Samsung TV Plus Channel List of News

Movie Channels list of Samsung TV Plus

If you only want to watch movies then, this list can help you to select the channel of your preference. Look at the list and select your channel and enjoy your movie.

CINEVAULT: 80’s1479
CINEVAULT: Classics1478
CINEVAULT: Westerns1482
FilmRise Action1463
FilmRise Free Movies1459
FilmRise Western1488
Gravitas Movies1474
Hallmark Movies & More1455
Maverick Black Cinema1468
Movie Mix1471
Paramount Movie Channel1452
Pluto TV Fantastic1461
Pluto TV Westerns1484
The Movie Hub1450
The Preview Channel1491
Movie Channels list of Samsung TV Plus

Game Shows Channel List On Samsung TV Plus

Reality show games are growing day by day and the lover of these game shows are too. If you also love to watch game shows then, below is our list where you can find out some channels that stream shows like this.

Deal or No Deal1143
Fear Factor1144
Game Show Central1141
Wild ‘N Out1147
Wipeout Xtra1145
Game Shows Channel List Of Samsung TV Plus

Sports Channel List

There are many sports channels that Samsung TV plus has. If you are a sports lover then, select the channel of your choice from the list given below and watch your choice of sport. 

ACC Digital Network1162
FUBO Sports Network1158
IMPACT Wrestling1164
Insight TV1176
MAVTV Select1190
Origin Sports1163
Outdoor America1182
Outside TV+1178
Pac-12 Insider1161
People Are Awesome1181
Pursuit UP1185
Waypoint TV1184
Whistle TV1180
World Poker Tour1187
Sports Channel List

Food, Home & Travel Channels

America’s Test Kitchen1204
Bon Appétit1202
Gusto TV1203
Loupe 4K1220
Million Dollar Listing1210
Tastemade Travel1207
The Design Network1215
This Old House1213
Tiny House Nation1211
Food, Home & Travel Channels

Reality Shows Channel List

Reality shows are very interesting for some people. If you also love to watch reality shows like singing shows, dancing shows, or others then, the customized list of such types of channels will give you pleasure.

All Reality WE TV1239
All Weddings WE TV1238
Dallas Cowboys Cheer1248
Hell’s Kitchen1240
Kitchen Nightmares1241
Lively Place1235
Love & Hip Hop1246
MTV Pluto TV1245
Project Runway1243
Skills + Thrills1236
The Challenge1247
Reality Shows Channel List

Samsung TV Plus Channels for Latino Content

Cine Romántico1283
Estrella News1256
Estrella TV1255
PrendeTV Lo mejor de Liga MX1284
PrendeTV Novelas de Oro1266
PrendeTV Novelas de romance1264
PrendeTV Novelas en familia1265
Sony Canal Comedias1260
Sony Canal Competencias1259
Sony Canal Novelas1261
Tastemade en Español1278
Telemundo Al Día1253
Tu Cine1270
Samsung TV plus channels for Latino content

List Of Comedy Channels on Samsung TV Plus

Comedy shows make us happy and release stress from our minds. These shows are played to make us laugh, and laughing is very necessary to release stress. Here is a list of some Comedy channels, get yours and have some laughs.

Channels Codes
Always Funny Videos1332
Are We There Yet?1238
Comedy Dynamics1338
Dry Bar Comedy1334
Fail Army1330
Family Ties1324
That Girl1322
The Pet Collective1329
List Of Comedy Channels on Samsung TV Plus

Korean Dramas Channels

Samsung TV Plus has some channels on which you can watch international content such as Korean dramas. Here is the list.

Asian Crush1293
CJ ENM1290
Korean dramas Channels

Gaming Channel List 

Here are some gaming channels that Samsung TV Plus provides to its users.

BCC Gaming1360
Gaming Channel List 

Channels For Kids on Samsung Plus TV

Samsung TV Plus also has various channels that suit your kid’s entertainment. So, if you have kids and want to know the list, here are some channels listed below. Get yours, and let your kids be entertained.

Moonbug Kids1383
Nick Pluto TV1379
PBS Kids1376
TG Junior1392
The LEGO Channel1385
Toon Goggles1391

Music Channels List

Many people play music and do their work happily. If you are looking for a list of music channels on Samsung TV Plus then, here is your destination. Choose your channel, and listen to music on that.

80s Flashback1501
90s Throwback1502
Rock On1503
Vevo Country1514
Vevo Hip-Hop1511
Vevo Latino1508
Vevo Pop1517
Vevo R&B1510
Music Channels List

Science and Nature Channels List

Love Nature 4K1404
PBS Digital Studios1406
Samsung Wild Life1400
Stingray Naturescape1415
The Jack Hanna Channel1408
Science and Nature Channels List

Sci-Fi & Horror Channels List

If you love to watch Sci-Fi and Horror content then, here are some channels that will give you a good dose of entertainment.

Anime All day1440
Midnight Pulp1445
The Asylum1433
Sci-Fi & Horror Channels List

Final Thoughts

Tell us in the comment section if the channel that you were looking for is available in this list. Although we have listed almost all the categories in this guide, this guide will be updated if new channels and categories are found.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung TV Plus support 4K Streaming?

Some channels offer 4K streaming but, you have to keep a Samsung TV that supports 4k streaming- for better effects.

Does the Samsung TV Plus use ads?

Yes, the Samsung TV Plus service uses ads.

Does Samsung TV Plus have local channels?

Yes, it does have many local channels. 

Are Samsung TV Plus channels free?

Yes, you can access channels available on Samsung Plus TV for free.

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