Fix HSBC App Error Code API_103 (Is Any Server Issue?)

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HSBC App Error Code API_103: It is very easy to manage your finances using the HSBC app, using the app, you can do a lot of things like viewing account balances, transferring money between accounts, paying bills, checking deposits, etc. But, as with other apps, this app is also not untouched by errors and problems. Error code API_103 is just one of many errors.

In this guide, we will shed light on its causes and fixes! 

HSBC App Error Code API_103

Fix HSBC App Error Code API_103

The HSBC app is free to use, but recently, many users have reported this error code. Let’s see what this error code is, what causes it, and its troubleshooting methods.

What is HSBC App Error Code API_103?

HSBC app error code API_103 indicates the inability to connect to the bank’s servers. This error appears with this message – “Sorry, there was a problem loading your accounts, pull down to refresh the page, error code API_103.”

After refreshing the page the error message displays on your screen again. 

What Causes HSBC App Error Code API_103?

This error can appear due to many reasons like-

  1. Poor/Unstable/Slow Internet: If your internet is unstable or weak, this will pause the connectivity between the HSBC app and the bank’s server, resulting you may face the error API_103.
  1. Server Issue: If there is any server maintenance and outage from the HSBC side, the app will face connectivity issues, and hence, you may see the error message.
  1. Outdated App Version: An outdated app version may cause compatibility issues with the latest software of your device. As a result, an error may appear.
  1. Corrupted App Cache: Corrupted cache files may prevent the app from connecting to the bank’s servers, resulting in you facing the error.

Troubleshooting Methods To Solve HSBC App Error Code API_103

Follow these methods to deal with this error- 

Refresh the Page

Pull the screen down to refresh the page. This will reload the app and help resolve the error if it was caused by a temporary glitch. 

It’s like restarting the HSBC app from scratch for performance.

Verify Server Problems

It is common to see the error API_103 if the HSBC server is under maintenance or experiencing some other technical issues or overload. Because, in this case, the app will completely fail to connect to the server.

So, verify that there is no server-related issue with HSBC Bank. Visit to see any known maintenance or technical issues or you can send a message by visiting

Check Internet Connection

The most common reason for seeing error API_103 is unstable/slow/bad internet. The HSBC app requires fast and stable internet to function properly.

Perform a speed test to see how fast and stable internet you have. Consider restarting your router/modem and also perform a power cycle. Switch between the internet e.g. switch to the mobile data if you are using Wi-Fi internet and vice versa.

Update or Reinstall the HSBC App

If you are using an older version of the HSBC app, this may cause compatibility issues between the app and your device’s software, resulting in the error code appearing. You will need to update or reinstall the HSBC app so that it is compatible with your device’s firmware. 

Contact Support

At this point, if you are still experiencing the error, you should contact HSBC support for help. 

To contact the support team, visit or you can call support as per your country or region. Contact numbers are mentioned on the support page.

Wrapping Up

The HSBC app is a great platform to manage all your finances, but some users have reported error API_103.

The error code may be caused by an internet issue, server-related issue, outdated app version, or corrupted cache files.

To fix this error, follow the troubleshooting methods outlined in this guide and if nothing helps, contact support for assistance.


What does HSBC App Error Code API_103 mean?

HSBC app error code API_103 means that the app is unable to connect to the bank’s servers due to internet, server, or technical issues. 

Why I am seeing HSBC App Error Code API_103?

This error code can appear due to many things like unstable/slow/poor internet, server issues, outdated app version, corrupted cache, or some other technical issues.

How do I fix the HSBC Error Code API_103 (Android/iPhone)?

Whether you are using an Android or iPhone, troubleshooting methods are:

  1. Refresh the page.
  2. Verify HSBC server health. 
  3. Troubleshoot your internet issues.
  4. Clear app cache.
  5. Update or reinstall the app.
  6. Contact support.(If nothing helps)

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