Quote Text on Discord on Mobile or PC [2023]: Simple Guide

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Discord is one of the best free chat applications that allows users to send texts and messages to their contacts in Discord. Mainly, gamers use this application to stream gameplay but, others may also use this application. This guide is going to explain how to quote text on Discord. If you use this application then, this guide is going to be very helpful for you.

Quoting texts is quoting someones. Using this feature, a user can quote a single-line text or a multi-line text to someone. The good thing is you can use this feature for your mobile devices as well as for PCs.

How to Quote Text on Discord?

There are two ways to quote text on Discord. If a user wants to quote a single-line text and multi-line text then, commands will differ for each. Let’s talk in deep.

How to Quote Text on Discord?

Quote a single-line text on Discord

These quotes stats are only used to quote a single-line text. This means you cannot use a line break when you are quoting a single-line text. You can easily quote other users on Discord, using this feature. Now, let’s start with what will you have to do to do this.

To quote a single-line text on discord, just type the “>” symbol and give space then, type your text that you wanted to quote. Now, quoting the text is completed. That’s it. This works for all the platforms like Android, iOS, and PCs.

Multi-Line Quoting on Mobile

Multi-line quoting is slightly different for PCs but, overall the process acts as same. When you want to quote texts which have line breaks and many paragraphs, multi-line quoting does help in this case.

To Quote multiline text, you have to type “>” in front of each new paragraph that you want to quote. But, there is also an additional workaround to do this. As an additional workaround, you can type “>>>” then space and the whole text that you want to quote. But, remember you can exit that quote only when you send the message and start a new message, or remove the “>>>”.

What is different on PC to quote a multi-line text?

On PCs “>” and “>>>” both work for a multiline quoting means; if you want to quote a multi-line text on your PC then, you can use any of the commands. But, if you want to quote only a single-line text then, press the Return and then Backspace key on your keyboard. 

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