Zoom Recording Error Code 3301 [How to Fix]

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Recording a meeting is a very good feature provided by Zoom. Users use this feature to record their meetings and webinars to watch them in the future or share them with someone or somewhere else. Sometimes, they may face Zoom Error Code 3301. Users face this error when they try to access their recorded webinars/meetings. 

This guide aims to help those users who are getting this error on their screens.

After spending many hours on the internet, we have managed to dig up some information related to this error code which will help you to fix it.

What is Zoom Error Code 3301?

Zoom Error Code 3301 is a recording error that may appear when the users try to access their recordings of a meeting or webinar. This error code may appear with the message: “This recording does not exist (3,301)”.

How to fix Zoom Error Code 3301

To fix this error code you should perform these workarounds:

  • Check the Available Space on Your Device.
  • Free up some space on your device if it is less.
  • Use meeting UID instead of the meeting ID.
  • Contact to Developer Forum.
Fix Zoom Error Code 3301

Check Available Space on Your Device

Before going to record any meeting or webinar, you should check if there is enough space is available on your device or not. Sometimes, we start recording and we don’t have enough space to save these recordings. 

If there is not enough space available on your device and you start recording a meeting then, you may face another error that is Zoom Error Code 614.

Free up some space on your device if it is less

You can try to free up some space by deleting unwanted applications, videos, and files. After freeing up enough space, you can try to record a meeting.

Use meeting UID instead of the meeting ID

Many users found this action helpful. Staff on the dev forum said to a user who was getting Zoom Error Code 3301 to implement this workaround. You can try this to fix the discussed error code.

Source: Zoom Developer Forum

Contact to Developer Forum

If the above-mentioned actions are unable to help you, then the last option is to contact the Zoom Developer Forum

Here, you can ask them about your issue and also send a private message.

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