How to Clear Hulu Cache on Roku TV [Complete Guide in 2024]

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Roku TV is a digital media player developed and manufactured by an American company. This hardware allows users to access content from, mostly, all popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Somehow, if during accessing the streaming content from any streaming platform, users are facing an error code then, sometimes, this becomes necessary to clear the cache of that application.

How to Clear Hulu Cache on Roku TV

Hulu is an online streaming platform that is majority-owned by Walt Disney. In addition, also, this platform is fully controlled by Walt Disney. Sometimes, an error code may appear due to its corrupted cache files. In this situation, you need to clear them all, and if you are getting an error on your Hulu app and don’t know How to Clear your Hulu Cache on Roku TV, then read this guide.

How to Clear Hulu Cache on Roku TV

Open Main Menu and select the “Home” option from here.

Now, on the remote press these buttons continuously.

  •  Press Home Button 5 Times.
  •  Now, press the UP button.
  •  Press the Fast Forward button 2 Times.
  •  Next, wait for 20 to 30 seconds and the Hulu cache will be cleared from your Roku TV.

That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I clear my Hulu cache?

This question is to be more specific like at which platform you wish to clear the Hulu cache. But, don’t worry, we have already written a full guide on this, you can follow this guide and delete the Hulu cache according to your choice.

Guide to Clear Hulu App Cache from Apple TV, Chrome, iOS(iPhone/iPad), Android, and Fire TV

Should I clear the cache on Roku?

Well, this depends on your requirements. Sometimes, clearing the Hulu app cache may fix many errors that are appearing on your Hulu app. So if it requires, the answer is Yes you should clear the cache to fix the error code. Additionally, You can follow this guide to do this.

How do I clear the cache on my Roku TV?

-Press Home Button 5 Times.
-Next, press the UP button.
-Click on the Fast Forward button 2 Times.

-Now, wait for 20 to 30 seconds to clear the cache, then restart your devices.

What does Clear cache mean?

Clearing the cache means clearing unwanted or corrupted cookies and cache files that can harm your device or applications. Usually, most browsers and applications use cache and cookies to store the data and make the loading speed fast but, sometimes, some unwanted cache files may be stored that can harm your device and application. In this situation, clearing the cache helps.

Hulu Errors And their Fixes:

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