How to Change Language on Spotify for Android and Desktop [Guide 2023]

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Main Topic of this article: How to Change the Language on Spotify?

Love to listen to music? These days, listening to music has been changed as many online applications have come to the market, and provide a lot of songs, and charges a little bit amount in the place of that. However, some platforms provide songs for free- such as Youtube, etc. 

Music has no languages as all are known, but when it comes to understanding the language of the song, people prefer to listen to songs in their languages so that- they can feel and understand the song properly. 

100 or thousands of songs are being published online every day across the world but, all songs are not being to listen by all the country’s people. People love to understand the song’s lines or lyrics and that can be possible if they listen to those songs in their language. So, here language plays an important role for these types of listeners. 

Spotify is one of the biggest songs and music provider platforms across the world which offers users to listen to the music for free but this has a premium option too.

What’s the difference between paid and free platforms?

As a short note, free platforms provide only access to the songs which includes multiple ads along with limited features and you can’t download the songs and music. While premium or paid platforms allow users to access the songs without seeing ads, they can download the songs and even listen to them when they don’t have internet.

How to Switch to Another Language- Spotify

Spotify provides access for not only Android users but the Desktop users. So, the steps for both the users are going to mention below, that’s why- we are calling this guide a complete guide.

Change Language on Android- Spotify

On your Android device, first of all, you have to change the device language. To do this, open the Settings app on your device and go to the System option. Now, click on this option and then on the Language & input. Next, click on Languages and select your choice from the list. Now, you can start using Spotify.

How to Change Language on Spotify

On Desktop

For desktop users: Click on the profile and select your language from the dropdown to the right side of your username. Click on the settings and you see the language option as the first in the list. After selecting your preferred language, the app will ask you to restart it so that you can use the application in your selected language.


Whether you are an android user or desktop, changing the language on Spotify is so simple. All you need to just follow the instructions mentioned above, and all done. Tell us what device you use to use Spotify- Android or Desktop.

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