Tekken 8 Multiplayer Not Working [Causes and Fixes]

Users of the recently launched game Tekken 8 have reported issues connecting to the game servers, preventing them from accessing the multiplayer feature. Here’s why you can’t access this feature and how to troubleshoot the issue to enjoy in-game battles with other players.

Fix Tekken 8 Multiplayer Not Working

Why is Tekken 8 Multiplayer Not Working?

There may be several reasons why you are unable to access this feature, including –

  • Poor Internet – Poor/slow internet may prevent you from accessing game features like “Multiplayer”.
  • Outdated game or software on your system – This may cause compatibility issues, due to which, you may be locked out of using certain game features.
  • Server Issues – The game will fail to connect to its server if there is a server-side issue, this may be due to overload or maintenance.
  • A temporary glitch – This is a common cause that can be resolved by restarting your device and relaunching Tekken 8.

How to Fix If Tekken 8 Multiplayer Is Not Working?

Follow these simple hacks to get the Multiplayer feature working in Tekken 8:

Perform Basic Checks

  • Make sure your system’s firmware and the Tekken 8 game are up to date, this may cause compatibility issues, resulting in the game’s features such as “Multiplayer” being inaccessible. 
  • Make sure your system meets the requirements – Some game features might be inaccessible if your system doesn’t meet the requirements.
  • Restart your device (Steam deck or PC) and relaunch Tekken 8 to resolve temporary software glitches.

Verify Server Status

If there is a server outage or maintenance, some features such as multiplayer may be unable to be accessed.

Check the Tekken 8 server status and if it is down, wait for a while and try again.

Check Internet Connection

A stable and strong internet is required to play Tekken 8 online. However, the game is still available to play offline. But, if you are playing the game online, make sure you have a stable and strong internet.

Allow Tekken 8 Thorugh Firewall

Your firewall settings may block the connection to Tekken 8’s servers, resulting in the inability to use the multiplayer feature – allow the game through your firewall.

  • Open firewall settings on your PC.
  • Add Tekken 8 to the list of allowed applications.
  • Relaunch Tekken 8 and check if the issue is resolved.

Disable VPN

VPN or proxy software may interfere with the game and result in the multiplayer feature becoming inaccessible.

Disable the VPN or proxy software to check if the issue is resolved or if you still can’t use the multiplayer feature.

Install Latest Game

With older versions of the game, some features such as multiplayer may not be compatible – install the latest version of the game to bypass the issue.

Contact Steam Support

If you still facing issues using the multiplayer feature, consider reaching out to Steam Support for further assistance. 

They can help you understand possible solutions to why you are unable to use this feature. Visit https://help.steampowered.com/en/ to get in touch with the official team.

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