LG’s UltraGear 32GS95UE-B OLED monitor offers a clear view with a refresh rate of up to 480Hz and HDR 400.

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UltraGear 32GS95UE-B OLED monitor

NEWS: With an impressive refresh rate of up to 480Hz and HDR 400, LG’s UltraGear 32GS95UE-B OLED Monitor monitor delivers unparalleled viewing with crystal-clear visuals and smooth movements.

LG ups the game with the Launch of the limited edition UltraGear 32GS95UE-B OLED Monitor, built for High-Performance gamers who require ultimate clarity and optimal images. The standalone monitor, which advanced users would consider expensive at $1,399, offers a big 31.5-inch screen size, increasing the display clarity with its 4K native resolution. This is last but surely not the least feature to talk about. A highly-contrast ratio is what stands out on this screen, making colors brighter and blacks darker. What makes this screen exceptionally good is that its response time is 0.03ms, which is hardly late at all. It also comes with HDR 400 that you can therefore get lifelike colors with increased brightness on your screen.

The flagship monitor is expected to cost $1,399 upon release, it won’t be for sale before April.

The UltraGear with its 10-bit color support can have more than a billion colors which gives a real edge to lush landscapes, explosion scenes, and every visual detail. In the same way, with the help of Free Sync and G-Sync, players can enjoy an unbreakable bond and utopia from changing motion effects or stinking graphical features, regardless of what type of graphics card they use.

The LG brand has secured the charging angle in life. So, you don’t have to worry about your smartphone’s battery running low again. The monitor supplies two HDMI 2.1 ports, USB-B, and two USB-A ports also. It also features a 3.5mm audio jack for the convenience of outsiders.

The LG came up with a solution that had accuracy beyond the screen. They didn’t just stop there but also put in a “Pixel Sound” speaker which has similar quality sounds as visualizations. The stand is also a matter of comfort. You can move it, adjust the angle, and change the height to satisfy your wishes to be comfortable during long-time gaming pleasure.

The shipping opens in April, and the combining of the class technology in OLED with the gaming features made only for the hardcore players with the UltraGear 32GS95UE-B has proven that their gamelike are always ready to pay more for the premium of the series.

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