Try Innovation’s latest budget-price earphones with a 24-hour battery life along with Bluetooth 5.3. High-quality sound at an affordable price!

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Zen Air Dot

NEWS: Get new Zen Air Dot TWS earbuds for just 99 yuan (approximately US$ 15.00). The earbuds are truly a steal considering the built-in charging case, 24-hour battery life, Bluetooth 5.3, and environmental noise cancellations.

Innovation, the innovative but affordable wireless earphone manufacturer, launches the Zen Air Dot TWS earbuds onto the sales channel of At the price point of only 99 yuan (about US$ 15.00), this Zen Air Dot product includes features such as 24-hour battery life with a charging case, Bluetooth 5.3, and environmental noise cancellation.

The earphones only weigh 33 grams, use 13mm drivers in their design, and charge 99 yuan (USD 15).

Lightly 33 eighties, the Zen Air Dot design is intended for comfortable prolonged use. With 13mm drivers, it is used to produce loud sound; on the other hand, noise reduction and ENC environmental noise cancellation are plugged into its dual microphones, the goal being to boost not only call quality but also a more immersive audio experience. A test-tube design, IPX4 sweat resistance rating, and adjustable strap positioning make these earphones suitable for workouts or light training even in the rain.

Even though Innovation has not disclosed the precise battery capacity per earbud, they do display 7 hours of playtime on a single charge. An additional 17 hours for battery life is provided via the charger case, and the total claimed battery life is 24 hours. This improves the chance of these earbuds being a solution for users who require the earbuds to last through the day without needing them to be plugged.

The Innovation Zen Air Dot TWS has a set of functionalities that are an asset both to consumers who like budgeting and those who love key features of their gadgets. The pairing of long battery life, Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, and its noise cancellation capability can easily get hype among budget buyers who desire a good and reliable headphone to use daily.

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