Reddit Search Not Working – How to Fix It

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Reddit Search Not Working: If you encounter an issue with Reddit while searching for something important and fail to get results then you’re at the right place to where you can it rectify in minutes.

What is a Reddit app?

Reddit is an American lifestyle aggregation, content comparison, and discussion website. Subscribers upload content such as links, text posts, images, and videos to the site, which other members then voted up or down.

Fix Reddit Search Not Working

Why is the Reddit search not working?

There could be several reasons behind this issue such as poor internet connection, corrupted files, an older version of the app, and server maintenance or downtime.

How do I Fix The Reddit Search app is not working?

Check the internet connection

If rebooting the app can’t resolve the problem, then your internet connection could be responsible. With a strong, stable internet connection, you can search on Reddit.  So switch to a stable internet connection or set up the router to improve the situation.

Reboot the device

If you can’t conquer it after a stable internet connection, try hard rebooting your mobile by long pressing the Home and power buttons together, then pressing and holding the power button again to open the browser on the device.

Clear the Browser’s Cache

With  time accumulated cache also indicates a problem like this therefore in such a case you should clean the cache regularly by following the steps:

  • Open Chrome 
  • Tap on Three Dots in the Top Right Corner 
  • More Tools 
  • Clear Browsing Data 
  • Select Time duration 
  • Check the Boxes 
  • Clear Data.

Try With Another Browser 

As a last resort, you have to switch to another browser. There may be some probability that your browser has some kind of bugs and glitches that cause the issue. In such a case you have to switch the browser to prevent this issue.

Clear Reddit App Cache

If the “search” is not working while you are using the Reddit app, then close the app and clear its cache & cookies data. Access app settings on your device and look for the “Clear cache” option. After clearing the cache, relaunch the app and try searching for something using the search option in the app.

Seek assistance from support

After adopting all the troubleshooting methods, if you still suffer from the issue, do not hesitate to contact Reddit’s support team for further assistance.

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