Easy Ways To Fix Zelle Error Code 2900, 1103 or A106

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Are you getting Zelle error code 2900, 1103, or A106? Continue reading this guide to learn about the causes and solutions for these error codes.

As a digital payment network, Zelle is very popular among Americans. The app eases payment tasks, thereby saving time.

People can earn referrals: When you refer someone to Zelle, that person gets $5 as a signup bonus, and you also get $5 as referral money for each successful referral.

The app is making the payment process very easy for the users but due to some errors, the process may get interrupted- errors 2900, 1103, or A106 could be one of them.

Fix Zelle Error Code 2900, 1103 or A106

In this guide, you will learn how to fix if you get a Zelle error code 2900, 1103, or A106.

Fix 1: Check If Zelle is Down

As the first thing to check is the Zelle Server status- whenever you get a sign error such as 2900, 1103, or A106 on Zelle.

Overloaded Zelle servers or some maintenance work may affect the health of the servers, hence for a short period, Zelle services may get affected.

You can visit https://downdetector.com/status/zelle/ or https://twitter.com/Zelle to see if the platform is experiencing any server issues or undergoing maintenance.

Wait for a while and try again- if there is any server-related issue with the Zelle.

Fix 2: Reboot Your Device

If the server is not facing any issues, try rebooting your device to deal with the errors 2900, 1103, or A106.

  • Force close the Zelle app.
  • Reboot your device (Android/iPhone/iPad).
  • Wait to complete the rebooting process.
  • Launch the Zelle app and try again to make a payment using the app.

Fix 3: Clear Zelle App Cache


  • Tap on the Settings app icon and then tap on the Apps option from the list to expand it.
  • Next, tap on “Manage App.”
  • Type Zelle or Scroll down to find the Zelle app from the list.
  • Once you find the app, tap on it.
  • Tap on the Clear data and then clear the cache and all app data.
  • Next, launch the app again and try to make a payment.


  • Tap on the Settings icon and go to the General Settings option.
  • Next, tap on the iPhone Storage and access the Zelle app.
  • Select the Offload App option and then click on Ok.

Fix 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Zelle App

  • Tap on the Zelle app icon and select “Uninstall.”
  • Now, go to Play/App Store and type Zelle in the search bar to find the app.
  • Tap on it to download and install the app.
  • Launch the app and try to sign in to your account.

We hope this guide helped you. If this doesn’t work, contact Zelle support for further assistance.

To contact Zelle support, you can visit this link or https://twitter.com/ZelleSupport 

Tell us how this guide goes for you! Thanks!

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