“OncreateSessionCompletedelegate Bwassuccessful == false” error in Palworld.

Most users asked on Reddit about the “OncreateSessionCompletedelegate Bwassuccessful == false” in the Palworld error. And try to find an effective solution. If you also want an answer to the above question, then you may be at the right place where you will surely get your answer. So let’s get started.

Fix OncreateSessionCompletedelegate Bwassuccessful == false error

Due to this error, you cannot create a multiplayer world that occurs mostly with players who are trying to create it for the first time.

How to fix the “OncreateSessionCompletedelegate Bwassuccessful == false” error in Palworld?

To resolve this error, you can opt for the following method and get to your gaming world. 

Disable multiplayer

Go to multiplayer settings and disable it by selecting the option related to multiplayer. This will surely help you resolve this error.

You have to change the platform settings to enjoy your game without this error.

Navigate to the settings menu of Steam, Xbox, or any other platform, search for the multiplayer option, and then turn it off.

Try more than once 

Keep trying multiple times to create it, and it will surely resolve your problem, as confirmed by the community manager on the official Pocket Pair discord.

Additional tips

If you cannot resolve your problem by performing the above steps, you can use some other method as well.

  • Verify the game file.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Clear the cache.
  • Use an updated version of the game.

Seek further assistance 

If you still need to conquer the problem then try to contact the game support team or stay tuned on a platform like Reddit to learn more recent troubleshooting methods for your problem. 

Bottom line

Encountering an error while enjoying your game ruins the experience, but to overcome it, follow the steps mentioned above and get into your gaming world actively.

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