Samsung Microwave Oven Not Heating: Here’s What to Do

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With the help of a microwave, you can make tasty dishes and spend your holiday with tasty meals. But what happens if your Samsung microwave oven is not heating? Don’t panic; here we discuss some fixes to conquer this problem. So don’t get late; let’s get started.

Fix Samsung Microwave  Oven Not Heating

First, we explore the simple fixes to resolve our issue; otherwise, we go to the microwave component checking.

Verify the settings

Sometimes, the microwave doesn’t start working if you set the wrong settings, so just make sure you haven’t set the wrong settings that prevent it from heating correctly.

Avoid overloading the food

Make sure that you don’t put too much food in the microwave, which may lead to the problem and prevent the microwave from heating correctly.

Adjust the plate of the microwave

Sometimes, the plate of the microwave disbalances and causes the issue, so just make sure it’s properly settled on the rollers of the microwave.

Check the power supply

Inspect the power cables of the microwave that haven’t flicked off to prevent the proper heating of the microwave. To avoid the problem, check the power supply properly.

Reset the microwave

Before using the microwave, just turn it off, wait a few minutes, and then turn on the microwave again.

If these fixes don’t work for you, then it’s time to check the microwave components, but make sure if you have experience working with microwaves, you may opt for the option to check the components because it may get dangerous for you due to the risk of electric shocks.

Verify the door switches

The first thing we have to inspect is the door switches because if there is a faulty door, you can’t close the door of the microwave that is necessary to heat the food. The microwave is designed in such a way that if the door doesn’t close properly, it ceases working. To replace the door switches, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, disconnect the power source of the switch.
  • Make sure that you remove the microwave cabinet and unplug the control panel.
  • Check the door switches; if you find any visible damage or the wires are loose, then repair or replace them. If all is well, then reattach the switches.

Inspect the fuses

Inspect the Fuse With Multimeter

To determine the proper heating of the microwave, we have to inspect the fuses with a multimeter, but before that, make sure to disconnect the power sources and remove the microwave cabinet. If your multimeter doesn’t show any readings, you have to replace it.

Verify the diode

With the help of a diode, your microwave gets enough power to heat the food. So if they are not working properly, it might be a reason for the problem. So check the diode with the help of a multimeter, following the same procedure as discussed above.

 Verify the magnetron of the microwave

It produces frequencies that help to heat the food, so make sure it’s working properly by using a multimeter, and don’t forget the above steps to go ahead.

Test the defective high-voltage capacitor

Test the defective high-voltage capacitor

A high-voltage capacitor requires converting AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). Due to an improper supply of voltage, you may encounter a problem. To prevent this disconnected power supply, check the capacitor with the help of a multimeter and move forward with the above steps. 

Bottom Line

After considering all the fixes, if you can’t resolve it, there might be a chance that your microwave has some serious problems. In that case, we recommend you get help from a professional to conquer the issue.

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