Upload YouTube Shorts longer than 60 seconds: Here’s How.

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How to Upload YouTube Shorts longer than 60 seconds: YouTube Shorts are trendy these days: people capture moments in the form of shorts. These shorts are full of fast information, entertainment, thoughts, etc., cutting your a few minutes only. Almost all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are offering creators to create informative and engaging short videos for users. 

With these short videos, creators are becoming stars by night. If your content is helpful and engages users, they will like your other videos too and follow you for the next time to watch videos whenever you upload new content.

If you are a newbie, you must have faced an issue that is capping on the video length. YouTube Shorts only allow users/creators to upload videos up to 60 seconds. In this dilemma, you only have the option to put all your information in the video without crossing the 60-second timeframe.

But there is a way you can upload your YouTube shorts that are longer than 60 seconds. Let’s see it!

How to Upload YouTube shorts  longer than 60 seconds

How do I Upload YouTube Shorts longer than 60 seconds?

For now, YouTube won’t allow you to upload shorts longer than 60 seconds. So there is no direct way to upload your short videos bigger than 60 seconds. But if you have made a video that cannot be shortened to 60 seconds and you want to upload it then you have one way: you would have to edit your video using Time-Lapse.

Time-Lapse: using this feature you can speed up your video frames which will help you shorten the video and meet the YouTube Shorts time duration.

You can use any video editing application or software that provides a Time-Lapse feature and there are several available online for free. These applications or software make your lodger video shorter by doing fast forward.

For Android users, some applications allow you to capture time-lapse videos directly from your phone’s camera. You will need to set intervals between captures and records.

Windows PC users have also some free video editing softwares that have a Time-Lapse feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can YouTube Shorts be 70 seconds?

Currently, YouTube allows users/creators to upload a short video that is between 15 to 60 seconds only. More than this timeframe, you can’t upload. However, you can use video editing apps/softwares that uses the Time-Lapse feature and decrease the time of your longer videos without missing the important information in your videos.

How many YouTube Shorts do I post a day?

From YouTube, there is no limitation on the number of videos to upload per day, it’s up to you. You can upload 1 to the maximum number of shorts a day. But make sure your videos are not more than 60 seconds.

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