Fix Lennox Watchguard – Calibration Failure, Error Code 276

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Lennox provides a lot of safety features in its units means, you will get an indication if any function goes wrong. Lennox Error Code 276 is one of the featured error codes that users may face while they are using a Lennox unit. Today we will explain what this error code indicates, and how you can clear this if it appears randomly. So, let’s begin.

What does Lennox Error Code 276 mean?

Lennox Error Code 276 typically indicates a watch guard failure issue. In simple words, this error code means a pressure issue has happened. When this error code appears, your unit may stop working, and sometimes, no changes happen in the functionality of the unit.

Let’s see what steps you should follow to resolve this error code.

How to get rid of Lennox Error Code 276? 

Lennox Error Code 276
  • There can be several things due to which a pressure issue can happen. So clarifying all the reasons can’t be a simple task but, mostly pressure issue arises when some blockage in Vents takes place.
  • Additionally, cracked hose and heat exchange may also cause issues. Checking the switch should be also one of the possible steps to fix the error code. Sometimes, switches may burn or get some other issue and stop functioning or cause a shorting. In this situation, the switch needs a replacement.
  • In winter, snowfall starts in the temperature is very low which can freeze the water. So checking the inlet or exhaust blockages may also help to fix the error code. The inlet pipe may be loosely or tightly packed with snow which can be a reason to raise the pressure issue. 
  • To clarify, go outside and check, and if it happens in reality then, use a spade to remove the outer snow layer. When the outer snow layer has been removed properly, you should use a drain snake to clear the rest. The main motto is to clear all the snow and remove the blockage. That’s it.
  • Next, flick the power switch off and on, now, the furnace should be ON.

If nothing helps, call for a technician as the problem is beyond your reach.

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