How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp: Easy Tips

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WhatsApp adds many features or you can say that it releases new updates from time to time. Prior, WhatsApp released a feature by which users can delete the messages sent by them. This feature allows users to delete media files, chats, or audios after sending them to the receiver. After deleting these files or chats, you can’t see them again, but in this guide, we will explain How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp. 

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

To read deleted messages on WhatsApp you will have to install a third-party application named WhatsRemoved+. This app has no relation with the official WhatsApp application. This App is available for android devices only. This application allows you to read or see the deleted messages from WhatsApp.

Now, we will explain the steps to download and install this application on your android phone and also explain:

How you will use this application

  • Go to the Play Store and type WhatsRemoved+ in the search section.
  • WhatsRemoved+ app will appear with the Install button, click on it.
WhatsRemoved+ on Play store
  • As you will click on the Install button it will start downloading and installing to your Android phone. After installing you will get an open button below the screen c.lcink on it to open this application.
Open WhatsRemoved+
  • When you click on the Open button, the app permission page will open on the screen, give all the permission which this app wants.
Accept terms and conditions of WhatsRemoved+

Note: This is a third-party application that may store your data. So if you want to use this application, you should read the policies of this application once. And the decision of using this application is totally on you.

  • Now, after accepting the terms and conditions of this application, open it again. Now, you will see a list of applications, you can select more apps from here, but now we are talking about WhatsApp, so, select WhatsApp from the option. 
  • After selecting WhatsApp click on the Yes option on the next screen. Next, it will ask to permit to save the files of WhatsApp, click on Allow.
  • Now, your app is ready to use. You can now read the deleted messages of WhatsApp by opening this application. As the all deleted message will show in this application.

This all about How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp. Hope you will find these tips helpful. You can also read technology news here. Thanks…

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