Samsung TV Error Code 105 [A complete Guide to Fix]

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Smart TV means a TV that is compatible with the Internet, and you can run online applications on it. So a proper internet connection becomes very important when you buy a smart TV because, without an internet connection, your smart TV will perform like a normal TV. If a smart TV doesn’t find a proper internet connection then, it may throw an error code like Samsung TV Error Code 105.

If you have a Samsung Smart TV and facing this error code, then this guide will provide some sweet fixes to resolve this issue.

Samsung TV is a well-known brand among all TV brands. Sometimes, users may face issues but, many users are happy with this brand. Anyway, we are here to discuss the solutions to the appearing Samsung TV error code so, let’s start.

Samsung TV Error Code 105

What is Samsung TV Error Code 105?

Samsung TV Error Code 105 is a connectivity error code, which means; that if you are getting this, might be your TV is unable to connect to the internet or WiFi. Users may face this error code if the Wi-Fi network is not compatible with the TV. Also, sometimes this error code may appear if the Wi-Fi router is unable to access the Mac address of the TV.

Well, we are going to discuss solutions but, it is not necessary to apply them all. You may leave this guide when you get the solution for your TV.

Note: Before going to its fixes, you should check once if your TV can connect to your mobile hotspot or not.

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How to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 105?

Some tested actions are listed below to fix this error code, you should check out these:

  • Restart your Router and TV.
  • Disconnect other devices from the Wi-Fi.
  • Check if your TV is compatible with the Wi-Fi network or not.
  • Check if the TV’s Mac address is blocked by the Internet Service Provider.
  • Enter a public DNS Address.

Restart your Router and TV

Try a simple restart of your TV and Router. Sometimes this may resolve many connectivity issues. Just unplug your tv from all the power sources and replug it after 1 to 2 minutes. The same things should be done with your router.

Disconnect other devices from Wi-Fi

If many devices are accessing the same wi-fi from which you want to connect your TV, then this may slow down your internet speed, as a result, you may face Samsung TV Error Code 105. So, you should disconnect all the other devices while trying to connect your TV.

Check if your TV is compatible with the Wi-Fi network or not

Network requirements for a Samsung Smart TV may vary from model to model. You can see the network requirements in the user manual. If your internet network is not compatible with your TV then this will not appear or the TV will not be able to connect to it.

You can visit the Samsung Support Center to request a service.

Add your TV’s MAC address to the Router Settings

Sometimes, the router is unable to access the Mac address to your TV, as a result, Samsung TV Error Code 105 can appear on the screen. In this case, you should add your TV’s Mac address to your router settings manually. Here is how:

  • Open Router settings on your computer (Laptop or Desktop).
  • Go to the Advanced option and then click on the radio button with the text: Whitelist(Allow only listed MAC addresses.)
  • Now, add your TV’s MAC address here.

Note: To find your TV’s Mac address go to TV Settings > Support > About This TV. From here note down the Mac address and then enter it in your router settings page.

  • Now, go to Network > Network Status > IP Settings and Highlight the IP setting then select Enter manually option.
  • Next, assign an IP Address, Gateway, and Subnet Mask manually.

CHange DNS Address to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 105

This is another way to fix Error Code 105 on your Samsung TV. 

  • Go to Home > Settings and then General.
  • From here, go to Network > Network Status and then click on IP Settings.
  • Next, in the DNS Settings option enter a public DNS address:

That’s all. Hope now the error code has vanished from your screen and you are ready to enjoy. Thanks…

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