Nintendo Switch Sound Issue (Not Working): Here’s a Fix

Nintendo Switch sound not working: The Nintendo Switch is not immune from technical problems, and today we are discussing how to resolve the sound problem with the Nintendo Switch.

To proceed with the precise troubleshooting technique, we have to know about the causes behind this situation, and there is a high chance that you surely have a problem with your console audio settings, bugs and glitches, and outdated software.

Nintendo Switch Sound Issue (Not Working)

Unpair Bluetooth devices

If you paired your Nintendo Switch to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, there could be a possibility that it is still connected to your device, which caused this issue. Turn off the Bluetooth by navigating to the system settings easily to resolve your issue.

Verify the audio settings

  • Access the system settings.
  • Navigate to the system.
  • Choose the option Mute when headphones are disconnected, and then turn it off.

Install the latest version of the software

A sudden technical (sound) issue was also caused by the older version of the software because it carries bugs and glitches. To reduce the chances of a sound issue, try to have a recent version of the software by performing the given steps:

  • Access the system settings.
  • Navigate to System and choose System.
  • Further, choose the system update.
  • If a software upgrade is available, install it.

 Switch to a different game

You keep trying different methods to resolve this issue but fail again and again, so just try to switch to a different game. Now it could be possible that the problem is with your game, not your console. You can also verify any game data for corrupt files:

  • Open system settings.
  • Select the data management
  • In the right sidebar, you see an option for Manage Software. Choose it.
  • Then choose the game with the issue and select the check for corrupt data option.

Close and restart your console

By restarting your console, you will be able to remove temporary bugs and glitches that may cause the error. Perform this easy process by following the given steps:

  • Long-press the power button of your Nintendo Switch until it starts showing the menu on the screen.
  • Choose the power options, and then select the Restart option.
  • Alternatively, you can press and hold the power button for one minute, and it will automatically proceed to force the shutdown of your console and restart it.

Facing an issue when your Switch console is docked 

Make sure you’re using an HDMI cable to connect your console to the TV, then pair the earphones, switch to the dock, and then disconnect it. It’s quite disgusting, but it helps a lot of users.

Final words

This is all about how to fix the “Nintendo Switch sound not working” issue. Encountering any kind of issue with a gadget is irritating when the problem of the sound appears, so it’s like a big mountain on your head, but we try our best to overcome your irritation by giving a result-oriented solution.

In the end, if you find yourself with the same issue, try to contact the Nintendo support team for further assistance.

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