Lennox Error Code 312 [Very Easy Steps To Fix It]

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It can be frustrating when your Lennox furnace throws an error and doesn’t perform the actions that it is known for. Some errors might need assistance from a specialist, but some errors can be resolved by doing some basic and simple tasks.

In this guide, you will learn what causes the Lennox error 312 and how to resolve it.

What does Lennox error code 312 indicate?

Lennox error code 312 indicates an issue with the indoor blower due to which the blower runs at a reduced speed to avoid damaging the motor. An indoor blower is an element that distributes warm air, and when it faces issues, your furnace may start distributing less heat.

What causes this error code? 

The error can appear due to low airflow that might generally caused by a dirty filter.

Fix Lennox Error Code 312

How to Fix Lennox error code 312?

Check Air Filter

A dirty air filter is the most likely cause of error 312. So the first step you should take to resolve the error is to check and clean the air filter. Sometimes, the filter may become so dirty that it cannot be cleaned, in that case, you will have to replace it with a new one.

The duct system needs to be inspected

If the air filter is clean or you have cleaned it but still the error is appearing then you should inspect the duct system. This process needs an HVAC professional. It may need to be repaired or need to add more ductwork.

Check Blower

If the air filter and ductwork are intact and there are no problems or defects, it may be your furnace’s blower. The blower may be damaged or faulty. If there is a problem it may need to be checked and repaired by a professional.

You can contact Lennox support or call a professional to inspect the exact issue and resolve it as soon as possible,

Final Words

The error code 312 on your Lennox furnace is generally caused by a dirty air filter. Cleaning or replacing the filter might resolve the error, but if the air filter is not the issue, then you will need a professional to inspect and repair the duct system and the furnace blower.

To avoid this error in the future, you will need to follow such simple steps that are:

  1. Check and Change your air filter regularly.
  2. The flat filters should be replaced once a month while the pleated filters can last up to three months. So they can be replaced after every three months.

I hope the article proves useful to you!

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