Apple TV Error Code 3905 [Simple Steps To Fix]

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The entertainment never ends, and TVs make this more entertaining. Think, you are tired from your daily work routine and got a chance to get entertain by watching your favorite show or movie, what will you do? No doubt, you will switch on your TV and start watching it. Sometimes, you can also use your phone too. But, what if suddenly you face an error like Apple Tv Error Code 3905 on your screen? Don’t worry, here we are present, to provide you a solution to this error code.

Apple Tv Error Code 3905: What does it Indicate?

Apple Tv Error Code 3905 indicates a network connection issue between your TV and the internet. A poor internet connection, wrong internet settings, or outdated firmware may responsible for this error. In addition, TV’s old version may also be responsible for causing the issue.

By now, you would have understood what simple steps you have to do to fix this error code. So, let’s start these actions and fix this error code together.

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Fix: Apple TV Error Code 3905

Apple Tv Error Code 3905

Not getting a proper solution can kill your much time. Here are some easy steps that will make your work easy. You just have to move one step forward with this guide.

Step 1: Check Internet Connections

Nothing is more important rather than high-speed internet while trying to watch a show or movie on your Apple TV. A poor internet connection having a low speed may lead to many errors, and Apple Tv Error Code 3905 can be one of them. So, make sure your internet has a good speed. You can follow some easy steps to improve its speed:

  • Disconnect other devices if you are using wi-fi.
  • Keep your router closer to your Apple TV.
  • Restart your router and TV as well.
  • Try to connect your TV with Ethernet. (LAN cable)
  • Unplug your router from the power source and leave it for 20 seconds then, replug it and restart.

These steps will boost a little bit amount of your internet speed, so you should try these.

Step 2: Restart your TV

Along with the above actions, you should also do a simple restart of your TV if the issue is still appearing. Doing this can make your work simple.

  • Access your TV’s Settings.
  • Now, go to the general tab.
  • Next, select the Restart option. That’s it.

After doing so, try to connect your tv to the internet and see if the issue is gone.

Step 3: Update your TV’s Software

Apple Tv Error Code 3905 may also appear due to outdated tv software. So, checking for an update is a good idea, and hopefully, it will also help in fixing the error.

  • Go to settings. (TV)
  • Select General option.
  • Now, instead of selecting Restart, select the Software Update option.

If any update will available, install it by following the on-screen instructions and recheck the issue.

Step 4: Manually Add your TV’s MAC address to the Internet Settings

Settings may differ from router to router as the internet providers may be different, but the steps will remain the same. Additionally, you also have to put your Apple TV MAC address in your hand. This address can be found easily on the UPC label on the Apple TV box. If you have lost the box, don’t worry, follow these steps to get the MAC address for ethernet and the wi-fi as well.

  • Open Settings (TV) and click on the About or Network option.
  • For the wired network, look next to the “Ethernet Address.”
  • For wireless networks, look next to the “Wi-Fi address.”

Now, note down your MAC address and proceed with the following settings:

  • Open your Router settings.
  • Go to the advanced option and under the MAC address whitelist section, add the copied MAC address of your Apple TV, and check if the issue is gone or not. If not, then contact Apple TV Support.

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