Connection error 237 Apex Legends [How to Fix]

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Apex Legends is a single person shooter game which is developed by Respawn Entertainment for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. This game was released on 4 February 2019. This game is very popular but some users are encountering the Connection error 237 Apex during the gameplay. This is not a new error but it is an older one, this error appeared in the initial days of the launching of the game. But, now, users are again encountering this error code in the middle of the gameplay.

Apex Legends is much popular game among all the game lover users all over the world. But a connection error is frustrating the users much more. Because there is no official announcement from Respawn Entertainment, we have provided some workarounds to resolve this error code. 

Before going to the workarounds, you should know what exactly the Connection error 237 in Apex Legends? You should also know that what the users are telling about this error when they are facing this.

Apex Legends Connection error 237, What is it?

This error code, basically appearing when the player getting down or died. Sometimes you will get the option of ‘Skip Replay’ on your screen to avoid this error code and sometimes this will not. Let’s have a look at the user’s talk, about this error code.

User’s Talk 

Users are facing different-different problem during this error code and we have detailed them below:

  • Some users are facing problems with their camera movement means they are not able to move their cameras when this error code has appeared on the screen.
  • Users have reported that they were not able to move their bodies when they faced this error message.
  • Some players have reported, that they had a problem with their body movement, but after some time the issue had gone, and they were able to move their bodies.
  • Few players have told, that they are encountering a message- “Get Back In The Ring!” with the Connection error 237 code while they get out of the ring in the gameplay.  

Gamers and game experts are waiting for the release of the ‘DeathCam’ feature but there is no official announcement from the company when they will release this feature. Experts are assuming that this error code is a sign of the ‘DeathCam’ feature to capturing the in-game visuals while in the gameplay.

How to Fix Apex Legends Connection error 237

Sadly there is no official solution is provided by the company but, we have provided you some workarounds that can help you to fix this error code. Go through these once:

  • Clear the Cache files from your system.
  • Change the servers in DNS.
  • Check your Internet connectivity.

Clear the Cache files from your system

Sometimes, clearing the cache files fixes many problems. Some unwanted files are stored in our system’s cache memory which can harm our system and sometimes can play an important role to throw an error code during the gameplay. So you should clear your system cache files to fix the Apex Legends Connection error 237.

Change the Servers DNS

Discussed error code can also appear due to some server-side problem. So you can change the server DNS which may fix the error code.

Check your Internet connectivity

In most cases, you can get an error code due to a poor internet connection. So if you are getting the Connection error 237 Apex Legends then you should check your internet connection first.

After all! If the error code persists, you may have to wait until the Company release a permanent solution to fix it.

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