Lennox Error Code 118 [Possible Causes and Fixes]

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Lennox unit has many inbuilt features and security. It indicates when the system detects any fault or issue. Lennox Error Code 118 is one of the faults indications that has a mean and causes. Let’s get the possible causes and fixes of this error code and keep it away from you. 

What is the mean of Lennox Error Code 118?

Getting Lennox error code 118 usually means an issue with water condensation in circuit 1. Generally, this code appears when the condenser gets dirty somehow. Additionally, you may see this error code if a meager flow happens or is detected. 

Possible fixes of Lennox Error Code 118

This error code usually affects water condensation units. So some possible actions are required to fix this, and these are here in this guide.

  • This action has to be done immediately on the appearance of the error code. The compressor works to increase the pressure of the gas by decreasing the volume. So, if the error code 118 is appearing that usually denotes an issue in condensation that relatively impacts the compressor and can cause a big problem.
Lennox Error Code 118
  • Now, after shutting off the compressor, Clean the Condenser, maybe somehow, dirt has been logged on this. Clearing dirt from the condenser allows it to perform well.
  • Another possible cause for error code 118 on your unit is Water condensation or inadequate flow. So, Adjusting the water flow may solve the problem. 
  • The safety device is automatically cancelled after 30 minutes of its activation time. So, if this time has been finished, you must reset manually. 

What if nothing Helps?

As we have tried to provide simple fixes, but if these do not help then, we would like to tell you that contacting a technician will be a better option for you. You can call on 800-953-6669 directly. A verified Lennox associate will help you. 

If you get any other solution, please don’t forget to tell in the comment box as many others will also be benefited from that. Thanks…

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