How to Fix LG TV Error Code 201 | Explained & Fixed [2024]

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LG TV is a quite popular TV among all the TV brands all over the world, and it has great users as well. Users prefer to watch online movies and videos on their TVs. Smart TVs provide this option that they can connect such types of applications to their TVs which play or stream online videos and movies. YouTube is also included in the list of such apps. However, some users are getting LG TV Error Code 201 on their screens, which is sometimes called Youtube TV Error Code 201.

In this guide, we have explained all the possible details of this error code, like what it is and how you can get rid of this error code.

LG TV Error Code 201

LG TV Error Code 201 appears when users try to use the YouTube application to play or stream videos and movies on their TV. You can see this error code if the time setting is different on your TV.

The exact Message can appear as: “Server Certificate has expired or is not yet valid as the set time on TV is different from the current time, Please check time settings, Error Coed: 201”

How to fix this LG TV Error Code 201

Follow the below-mentioned workarounds to fix this error code. You can do step by step, you do not need to follow all the fixes if you have got a solution by following a particular method. Here is how to fix LG TV Error Code 201:

  • Set your TV time as current. (Auto and Manually)
  • Check the Internet connection.
  • Clear the YouTube application cache.
  • Check if you are using an old version of the application.

Set your TV time as current. (Auto and Manually)

This is the very first workaround that you have to do if you want to fix the appearing error. Here there are two methods by which you can set your TV time as current. One is Auto and the second one is Manual. We have provided both methods to choose which you want.

Set your TV time on Auto mode

You can use this feature if you are using a TV tuner. So make sure you are using a TV tuner, then follow these steps to set your TV time on auto mode.

  • Go to the LG TV remote and press the Home button.
  • Select Setup from the menu.
  • Click on Time/Clock (Depends on the Model).
  • Now, select Clock and choose the Auto option.
  • Next, you should select an appropriate time zone to detect the correct time according to your region.

Set your TV time Manually

To set the time manually you have to follow the above three steps then:

Select Clock and choose the manual option.

Enter the Day/Month/Year/Hour/Minute manually.

Check Internet connection

You should also check your internet connection because sometimes, a bad internet connection can also play a role in finding this error code.


How to Connect your LG Smart TV to Wi-Fi or Internet

You should also check if you are using an old version of the YouTube application. If this is, you should update it to the latest version.

You can also clear the cache files to fix LG TV Error Code 201.

That’s all.

Hope these workarounds will help you to resolve the error. If not, then you can contact the support and ask them for help by providing your TV model and version.

Error Code 201 TCL TV

If you have a TCL TV and getting error code 201 on it, it means the application (YouTube) is facing an issue on your TV to play videos. You can fix this error by updating the app, checking your internet, clearing the app cache, clearing the cache and cookies data of your default browser, and resetting the time and date information.

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