How to Connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi or Internet

LG Smart TV is a brand of LG Electronics Inc. which is a South Korean multinational electronics company that is quite popular among all the TV brands all over the world. This company trade many electronic items and TV is one of them. People purchases the LG TV but some of them don’t have an idea that how to connect their LG tv to an Internet connection. If you are one of these people who are looking for the solution that how you will connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi or the internet, then do not worry, here is a step-by-step guide to connecting your LG TV to the internet. 

How to Connect LG Smart TV to the Internet

Here in this guide, we have elaborate on the methods to connect your LG smart TV to the Internet, whether it is a wired or wireless connection. So let’s begin with a wireless connection.

How to connect your LG TV to a Wireless Connection

If you want to connect your TV to a wireless internet connection, then you should follow these steps to connect it. But before going to the steps, we recommend, that you must check once whether your wifi connection is on or not, if it off then first on it, then proceed to the further steps. We assume that your wifi connection is ON.

  • Press the Setting button on your TV remote.
  • From the appearing screen, select all settings and click on it. This will enter you into the TV settings.
  • Next, click on the connection and a list of all available wireless networks will appear on the screen. Select the network from which you want to connect your TV and click on that.
  • After doing click on the selected wireless network, you will be asked for entering the password, enter the password, and click on the Connect button.
  • Now, your TV will be connected to the selected wireless network. 

That’s it. Now Enjoy…

Connect with a Wired Internet Connection

If you wish to connect your TV to a wired network connection i.e with the LAN cable, in this case, first, make sure that you have enough length of the cable. If the cable length is not enough, then carry your TV and your router near to each other. Now, if your TV and the Router are close enough to connect, plug one end of the cable to your TV port and another end to the router port. After this do the following settings:

  • Press on the Setting button presented on the Remote.
  • Select Network and then go to the Network Connection option.
  • Click on the start connection option and your TV will connect to the wired network automatically.

That’s it. Enjoy watching…

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