How to fix Steam error code 53 on your device? [2024]

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Steam is a very popular game-providing platform but sometimes, it throws arbitrary error codes that can be quite difficult to resolve without any help. In this article, we will discuss one of them. Here, we will figure out the steam error code 53. Maybe, the Steam server really very busy at this time, you should wait for some time and after that try playing again, or there can be many other reasons to appear this error code.

The error message may look like this-

steam friends servers are currently unavailable

What does Steam error code 53 mean?

Steam error code 53 means that the request submitted by you can not proceed due to the Steam server being too busy. In other words, if you are getting this error code, then that means the Steam server is too busy right now and unable to proceed with your request at this moment.

Methods to fix Steam error code 53

If you have waited for a better server response, and still you are getting this error code then try these below-mentioned methods to fix it. Steam error code 53 can be fixed by disabling some background programs that may interfere with Steam like, if you are using McAfee as antivirus software then, you can simply fix the appearing issue by stopping its real-time scanning. 

  • Changing your Download Region.
  • Repair corrupted Steam files.
  • Check the network connection.
  • Disable- Anti-virus programs that may interfere with Steam.
  • Check Steam Network Status.
  • Check your purchase was successfully processed.
  • Using command prompt.

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Changing your Download Region

A region may be one of the reasons behind the error code. So, by changing your download region you can fix it. Change it by following steps:

If you are a Windows user:

  • Start the game- Steam.
  • Go to the settings and then the Download tab.
  • Now, under the download region, select a relatively close region to you but a different one. 
  • Try launching the game.

If you are a Mac user:

If you are using a Mac, you can follow these steps to change the downloading region.

  • Go to Steam and click on the preferences.
  • Click on the downloads tab.
  • Choose a different region but relatively close, under the download region option.
  • Try to play the game.

Fix Steam error code 53 by repairing corrupted Steam files

Occasionally, some corrupted steam files presented in the directory can cause the error code 53. So, by checking these corrupted files and repairing them, you can fix this error on your system. Here, steps are provided to repair them for Windows users as well as for Mac users. 

For Windows Users:

If you have a Windows operating system and getting this error code then you should follow these steps to repair corrupted Steam files.

  • Quit Steam.
  • Go to your Steam installation directory and navigate by following this path:

             C:\Program Files\Steam

  • Now, except steam.exe and steamapps directory, delete everything presented in this directory. 
  • Next, restart your system and try playing on Steam.

For Mac Users:

  • Quit Steam.
  • Navigate- Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam.
  • Except for the Steamapps folder, delete everything in this directory.

Note: you may lose mods or custom content by applying this method.

  • Go to your Dock or Applications folder, Launch Steam from here.

Check the network connection

Including firewall and anti-virus, a bad network connection is the most common reason behind the several steam errors. So, by troubleshooting network connectivity, this error message can be fixed. You can go with this link to understand in deep.

Disable- Anti-virus programs that may interfere with Steam

Antivirus software can cause an issue with the steam as it hooks very deep into the user system. Some games have built-in copy protection technology, and that can appear as wicked software to an anti-virus scanner. So, make sure that your anti-virus software is not interfering with Steam. You can add exceptions for Steam and its games in your Anti-Virus software configuration.

Check Steam Network Status

You may not use it immediately if Steam has a large amount of traffic or if its network is temporarily offline. You can check the status of its network from here.

Check your purchase was successfully processed

If you are trying to install or register a game and you are getting the Steam error code 53, then log in from Steam and log in again to make sure your purchase was successfully processed or not:

  • Log out from Steam.
  • Right-click on the Steam icon.
  • Now, select the Setting, then click on the login as a different user… option.
  • You will see a prompt with a Username and password, fill in your username and password, and log in.
  • Now, you should be able to install or download games from here.

Fix Steam error code 53 Using the command prompt

Using the command prompt you can fix the Steam error code 53, here are the workarounds to do in this method:

  • Open CMD.
  • Go to the option run as administrator.
  • Now, type- sfc /scannow
  • Hit Enter or Run this command.

Other Method:

On a relative forum site, many users find this method very helpful to fix error code 53 in Steam. You can also try this method if you have McAfee anti-virus software in your system. But, make sure you are using McAfee only as anti-virus software, and if you are using any other software, then you can try the above-mentioned methods in respective to fix the Steam error code 53.

For McAfee users: Just turn off the real-time scanning on your McAfee software and this will resolve the error.

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