Nintendo Switch Orange Screen Of Death – Fix it in minutes

Encountering an orange screen issue with your Nintendo Switch and want to get a quick and effective solution, then you’re in the right place.

Reasons: Orange screen issues with your Switch may occur due to hardware damage, overheated Wi-Fi chips, and an unreliable internet connection. If your Switch’s software is outdated, update it as it could also be a reason for screen issues.

How do I fix the orange screen issue with my Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch Orange Screen  Of Death

Restart your Nintendo Switch

Start pressing and holding the power button for 10–15 seconds to turn off the Nintendo Switch, then have some patience and leave it off for some time. Then restart the Nintendo Switch.

Update the system firmware

Updated system firmware will help you get rid of the bugs and glitches that might be the reason for the issue. Here,  you can update the firmware by following the given steps:

  • Choose the system settings.
  • Click on System > System Update.
  • If there is any update available, click on it and confirm by choosing OK.

Check the internet connection

Weak signal strength causes the orange screen issue. To resolve it, restart the router. If you use mobile data, turn it on and off 4-5 times. This will help you improve the signal strength.

You can also use the Ethernet cable to improve the signal strength.

Repair it or replace it

In the end, you have the last option to repair it because now the problem could be in your thermal fan, resulting in overheating of your Nintendo Switch. Due to this, you enter the world of problems such as the motherboard getting affected, and many more problems also occur.

Keep in mind that if you’re a technical person and command on it only, then proceed further to repair it; otherwise, connect to the Nintendo Switch support team to get technical assistance, and if your warranty is still valid, they will repair it without any extra cost.

Bottom Line

We hope you find this article beneficial, and by performing all the above-mentioned methods, you will surely get back to your smooth performance on the Nintendo Switch. 

Remember, don’t try technical fixes without an expert if you’re not sure about the outcome.

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