Disney Plus Error Code 1016 [Fix With this Guide]

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Available contents on Disney Plus are sufficient for users to get entertained. Even though, some users reported an error code on their TVs such as Samsung TV or LG smart TV, that prevents them to access their selected contents. This error code seems like Disney Plus Error Code 1016. 

When users encounter this error, they fail to access the content on their TVs and get stuck on the error gage. This guide is here to explain what this error code is and what steps have to follow to get rid of this.

Disney plus is nothing but a platform where users get original content like movies, shows, and many things. A lot of users access this platform on a daily basis however, this is paid but, provides a lot of videos, movies, and shows.

Disney Plus Error Code 1016: A short Description

Disney plus error code 1016 generally appears when users perform an update of their TVs especially Samsung TV or LG TV. Getting this error code indicates an incompatibility issue with the Application to the TV. The exact error message appears like- “We’re having a problem. Exiting the App… Error Code: 1016 – App_Config_Failure.”

The good news is that you can get rid of this error by doing some simple tasks and this guide will explain these tasks in a step by steps way.

Note: The users who are using Orsay OS or the built-in Web browser to access the Disney Plus, we would like to say that the application is not compatible with these platforms and also encounter a compatibility error like 1016. In this situation, users can use Tizen OS or models from 2016 up.

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Disney Plus Error Code 1016- Solution

To fix this error code, you would not use any rocket science but, you just have to perform some simple tasks.

Disney Plus Error Code 1016- Solution

Perform a simple Boot or Reset

As Samsung officially told, performing a simple boot or reset your TV helps to fix the Disney plus error code 1016. However, if you are an LG TV user, you too can do the same act to get rid of this error code. Although this task can be completed via two methods, these are as follows.

Using your Remote

Take your TV remote (Samsung or LG TV) and press and hold the power button until your TV gets turned OFF completely. This is so simple but helps to fix the problem. Now launch the Disney Plus application and see if the error is not bothering again.

Use Power Plug

If in any situation, the power button on your remote does not works, you can use this method to soft reset your TV. Unplug your Samsung or LG TV from the power sources and wait for at least 30 seconds. After that, replug the power cables and turn ON your TV and see if the error is still here or has been flown away.

Power Cycle Other Devices too

We would also suggest power cycling your other devices, such as your router or modem. Doing this will refresh your internet connectivity and can also help to fix the issue.

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