Fix BroodStar Crashing or Freezing on Xbox Series X or S

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News: Crashes, freezing, loading, launching, or start-up issues commonly occur with new releases like BroodStar. The game has been released and is available on the Xbox store and ready to play for Xbox Series X and S users. Many users have started playing BroodStar and unfortunately have reported the game crashing, black screen, or start-up issues – with players looking for possible solutions on related forums and Reddit.


If you are an Xbox Series X or S user facing such issues with the BroodStar, stick with this guide – here you will know the possible ways to resolve this issue.

Fix BroodStar Crashing or Freezing on Xbox Series X or S

Check Console and BroodStar Status


If you have launched BroodStar on your Xbox series X or S console but the game is crashing or not launching on startup, you should first verify if the Xbox and Game servers are up and running. 

Wait if the BroodStar server is down- developers will resolve the problem soon.

Visit to check the Xbox Live and BroodStar status.

Hard Restart your Console

Hard Restart your Xbox X or S Console

Sometimes the problem is temporary but can prevent BroodStar from loading or launching on your console. Hard resetting your console and relaunching the BroodStar may help resolve game crashing or freezing issues.

Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > General > Power mode & startup > Full shutdown.
  • Power on the console and relaunch the BroodStar

Make Sure Your Console Is Not Overheating


Your gaming device should be placed in a well-ventilated area because if the device is overheating, it might cause crashing issues with the BroodStar.

Update your Console

If your console has an older software version, it may cause compatibility issues with BroodStar– install the pending software update and relaunch the game.

  • Connect your console to a strong internet and press the Xbox button on the controller.
  • Go to Profile & System > Click on Settings.
  • Go to the System > Select Updates.
  • If you see “Console update available”, install the update. 
  • Restart the console and launch the BroodStar to see if it’s running smoothly.

Update BroodStar

Keeping updated with your console’s firmware and BroodStar game is essential to prevent crashing, freezing, not loading, or launching/opening issues. 

  • Visit the “My Games and Apps” Section.
  • Select Manage > Updates.
  • See if BroodStar needs an update and press the “A” button to start the update.

Note: It is recommended to set it for automatic updates so that games like BroodStar are always updated and avoid crashing. 

Switch To Another Profile

Switch To Another Profile Xbox X or S Console

If you are seeing a black screen while trying to launch BroodStar on your Xbox series X or S console, then the problem might be linked to your profile: switching to another profile might help resolve the problem, press the Xbox button > Go to “Profile and System” > Select “Add or Switch”

Reinstall BroodStar

The installed BroodStar edition may contain some bugs or corrupted files, delete the installed version and install a fresh copy of the game: this may replace the corrupted files and fix the freezing or crashing problem. 

Reset Your Console (Xbox Series X|S)

If none of the above steps help to resolve the issue and the BroodStar is still crashing or freezing while trying to launch, then consider resetting your Xbox series X or S console.

Click on the Xbox button and go to Profile & System > Settings > System > Console info.

Choose the ‘Reset console’ option. 

Wait for the new Patch

However, BroodStar developers undoubtedly have tried to make the game glitch and bug-free but might be there a chance that it has some: developers soon identify the glitch and release a new patch to resolve that. 

Wait till BroodStar developers are available to you with a new update.

Contact Xbox Series X|S Support

If you still facing issues with the BroodStar then, try telling the issue to the Xbox Series X|S Support in respect to get the extract cause and solution.

Visit to get in touch with Xbox support and get a resolution on the issue that you are facing with BroodStar.

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