How to Fix YouTube ReVanced Not Working Issue

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Is YouTube ReVanced not working today? Are you facing problems? Keep reading this guide to fix the problem.

How to Fix YouTube ReVanced Not Working Issue

As it is named, “YouTube ReVanced” is the Remake of “YouTube Vanced” that has been discontinued.

Nothing to worry about if you are facing issues with the ReVanced app, a lot of users have reported issues such as “YouTube ReVanced Keeps stopping”, “YouTube ReVanced Not Connecting to the Internet”, “YouTube ReVanced Not Opening”, “YouTube ReVanced not logging in”, and “YouTube ReVanced not loading.”

In this guide, you’ll learn why the YouTube ReVanced app stops working and the ways to fix it when it happens.

Why Is YouTube ReVanced Not Working?

In YouTube ReVanced, you get additional features that are not available in the original YouTube app. It is an ad-free version of YouTube having additional features such as background playback, screen-off playback, and others. 

If the YouTube ReVanced is not working then, any of these might be the cause:

  • Retired Version– If you are using an outdated version, then the app may stop working properly. So make sure you have installed the latest version of the YouTube ReVanced app.
  • Incompatible Device– YouTube ReVanced app may not work if your device is not compatible with it. So, confirm that your device meets the minimum requirements for the app.
  • Internet-Related Issues– Unstable/slow/poor internet may create connectivity problems and hence, YouTube ReVanced app may not work properly.
  • Corrupted app data – The YouTube ReVanced app data may get corrupted and hence the app may stop working properly. For your device settings, try clearing the cache and data of the app.
  • Your Device is Rooted – If your device is rooted then it may generate an issue with the ReVanced app. Try unrooting your device to fix the problem.

How to Fix the “YouTube ReVanced Not Working” Issue?

If the YouTube ReVanced is not working, try using the latest RVX and MicroG Builds. Other than this, enable the Spoof player parameter in Settings > ReVanced Extended > Miscellaneous.

Verify and fix your internet-related issues as poor/unstable/slow internet may also cause issues running the ReVanced app.

Other solutions: 

  1. Disable Battery Optimization: Go to the device’s Settings> select Battery or Battery & performance> YouTube Revanced> select Battery optimization> set it to “Don’t optimize”.
  1. Clear ReVanced Cache and Data: Go to > Settings > Apps > YouTube Revanced > Clear Cache.
  1. Use a strong VPN.
  1. Use a different Google account or open YouTube in Incognito mode.
  1. Reinstall YouTube v18.23.35 (nodpi) APK from APKMirror or update the version of ReVanced Manager (v 1.6.0).
  1. Find the video from the Videos logs instead of playing it from the search results.

Download links:


RVX Manager

RVX Builder

Inotia VancedMicroG

Inotia mMicroG (Recommended)



Revancify X


ReVanced Manager

ReVanced CLI (PC Patching)

ReVanced Builder


APK v18.23.35

Resource: @revancedapp on Reddit.

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