System Requirements to run Valorant on Windows 11

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Windows 11 is looming the requirements to perform applications and software on it. Microsoft is continuously releasing its requirements so that users are known about these. For valorant users, it has announced some System Requirements to run Valorant on Windows 11. Accordingly, these things must be required to perform this game application without any hurdle.

Valorant is a free one-person shooter game. This game is enough popular among all game lovers. This game was developed by Riot Games, and this company has developed not only single but many games.

What are these requirements? 

For users to run Valorant on Windows 11, these things are required:

  • A new CPU (Central Processing Unit).
  • Minimum 4 GB Ram (Included).
  • Storage requirements: Minimum of 32 GB.
  • And TPM 2.0.

These requirements are enforced for Windows 11 users only, so if you have a Windows 10, then no need to worry. But keep in mind that windows 10 will be supported up to 2025 only, and after that, it will be expired as this has a lifespan.

Note: There is no guarantee that these rules will apply only to Windows 11.

System Requirements to run Valorant on Windows 11

Why TPM 2.0?

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides hardware and security-related actions. Currently, TPM has the latest version that is 2.0, and a system with this version stays safe from a malicious attack on its security features. Basically, TPM provides an extra layer of security that helps to protect the security feature. Microsoft has admitted that the TPM contains cryptographic features.

Microsoft had published a complete guide on How to enable TPM 2.0 in August 2021. This is required for all users to enable this feature. By enabling this, users can easily update their Windows 10 operating systems to Windows 11.

Valorant Requirements (Windows 10)

Currently, on windows 10, these are the requirements to run Valorant:

  • Intel i3-370M (CPU)
  • RAM Required: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel HD 3000 VIDEO CARD

This news was dedicated to the System Requirements to run Valorant on Windows 11. We would like to know, what are your thoughts? How TPM will be beneficial to all? Also, tell us if you have had faced any restrictions before, due to TPM, during the installation of updates or games on your system?

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