Nike error code 93c3351c [A Complete Guide to Fix this Error]

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Nike is a worldwide international brand that is known by everyone. This company is a manufacturer and producer of various types of goods including footwear, clothes, electronic appliances, and also provides application services to computers and gaming devices.

Nike is an American company that is the largest producer of athletic shoes and sports equipment with an uncountable number of happy customers. 

As Nike is a worldwide brand with lots of customers and traffic on the online website, many times different error codes occur which restricts the proper functioning of the Nike application. The 93c3351c is one such code that is creating an obstruction for the users using the Nike app.

Let’s see what this error is about and what can be done to fix this error.

What is Nike error code 93c3351c?

This frequent Nike error has been a headache to the users and is really creating a lot of hindrances for the users to use the Nike application. The Nike error code 93c3351c is no different.

The Nike error code 93c3351c is an error that occurs whenever a user is trying to buy something or is just about to place their order. It states that:

Sorry, we are unable to process your order. For more information please call 1-800-806-6453 for help. [Code: 9E10685B]”

It basically means that there are some problems with the Nike application and they are not being able to process your order. sometimes it also happens that the item that you want to buy and have put on the cart o check out, at the time of checking out and buying the stuff that you want to buy, is automatically removed from the cart and it does not get checked out. 

So let’s just analyze that what are the solutions that can be there to solve the problem of error 93c3351c. 

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How can we fix the Nike error code 93c3351c?

Fix Nike error code 93c3351c

as it can be said that the fixation of any bug is more or less the same and involves almost the same processes. so these are a few of the solutions which you can try and test in order to fix the Nike error code 93c3351c.

Clear your cookies and cache files

Cookies and cache files are the unwanted and corrupted files that are there on your device whether it is a computer or your mobile phone. having these corrupted and unwanted files may damage the processing of your device and this can also be a reason for the occurrence of the Nike error code 93c3351c. 

So it is better to remove and delete all the cookies and cache files that are present on your device and then you are good to go.

Logout and login

If the Nike error code 93c3351c is annoyingly popping up on your screen, then to fix it you may first log out of your Nike account, refresh it and then try to login again. the first logout and then login process has actually helped a few of the users to get rid of this particular error code. the solution does not even need as much as effort like few other solutions and is quite simple to deal with.

Use a different browser

Sometimes the error lies in your browser as well. if you are using an outdated and old version of your browser then also the Nike error code 93c3351c will appear on the screen of your device. Hence, to do away with this error code try to change your browser. For example, if you are using Firefox then change to Chrome and try to login again in the same Nike account and see whether it works properly or not.

Feedback and customer support

You can say that this is the ultimate thing that you can do to get rid of Nike error code 93c3351c. It means that there is nothing in your hands to do now and when you have written the feedback on the Nike website and asked for help for customer support, then whatever you need will be provided by the Nike people only. 

This work the very few and simple solutions that have been provided to do away with this annoying Nike error code 93c3351c. So, find your solution in this guide. 


If we conclude the error code 93c3351c on Nike, this usually indicates the problem in ordering your selected items. To fix this error, refresh your browser, delete the cookies and cache files, log out and log in again, and finally switch your browser. If nothing helps, contact Nike Customer Support.

Last Verdict

These are not any big shot solutions though but have actually proven to be quite effective so that the users may get rid of the error 93c3351c. Go through these steps and try to deal with the error code on your device and see whether it gets fixed or not. But if it doesn’t get fixed then the customer support will be the lender of your last resort.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the Nike error code 93c3351c popping up so frequently now?

As the shopping spree has relatively increased in these two years in the online mode, then the traffic is very much on the Nike app as well and it is being the reason behind all these.

How can we get rid of the Nike error code 93c3351c?

Read the simple solutions that have been stated in the above article and get your pick for the solution on your device.

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