Roblox Error Code 770 [Explained and Fixed 2023]

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Roblox is an online platform where users can create online games as well as play the online games created by other users and by themselves. We can say that Roblox is one such online platform where the exchange and interchange of online games happen. Creators create the games and conceptualize them according to their imagination and likes, where other users come to play them and if they think that they also want to develop a game, they use Roblox for the said purpose. 

Roblox gaming platform which was first launched in 2006 and it can be accessed on your PC, iOS, Xbox but not in Mac OS, being an exception. It is a platform where it provides both the options of a single-player and multiplayer. It is quite natural that when there is an online platform of such a vast range where- playing online games as well as creating them happens, there got to be various loopholes where multiple errors occur. The Roblox error code 770 is also one such error. 

Now go through this article to learn how to fix the Roblox error code 770. It will help you out and also provide you with a descriptive guide. 

What is Roblox error code 770?

Roblox error code 770

Roblox- this is an online platform where people can make create and play games which comes with error codes as well. 

The Roblox error code 770 specifically the error of teleportation: This means that the user is trying to teleport and came to a specific space, Where a message appears as a dialogue box with the text message “Attempted to teleport to a place that does not exist.” 

This error occurs because either the place where the user is trying to teleport does not exist, or the reason can also be that the teleportation process is facing a hell of a lot of hindrances because of which it is not being able to identify the space where the user wants to teleport. 

Let’s see what can be the probable causes for the teleportation issue, that is the reason behind this error code. But, before moving on it, if you have some time, read our guide on another teleportation error which is Roblox error 773.

What are the causes of the Roblox error code 770?

The Roblox is a wide-ranging platform that faces many error codes. Let’s analyze- what specifically are the reasons for the Roblox error code 770. 

The following can be the reasons for the occurrence of the Roblox error code 770:

  • The user tried to teleport the game to an unidentified location which does not exist.
  • The game when started that is the root of the game is in inactive status.
  • The teleportation may also be unsuccessful if there is an occurrence of an unknown error.
  • The user is trying to enter into an inactive part of the game.
  • The teleportation that the user is trying to make is of an invalid or deleted section of the source game.

Now the causes for this error code have been identified, it is time to troubleshoot this issue with the solutions.

How to fix Roblox error code 770?

Check internet connectivity

The universal issue solver is to check whether your internet connection is active or not. If your internet connectivity is not up to the mark then, there is no way you will be able to enter any online game or you will be able to develop one, on an online platform.

Teleport to a valid location

When you are trying to enter into an online game or teleport a part of the game to a location, make sure that the teleportation is done to a valid place that does exist. The teleportation will surely fail if the location to which you are trying to teleport is void, that is, it doesn’t exist at all.

Don’t try to teleport deleted or invalid parts of a game

Another point of concern is that make sure that you are not accessing or trying to teleport a deleted or invalid part of a game. if you are constantly trying to teleport a deleted part of a game that has been deliberately removed by the creator, then there is no way that your teleportation is going to be successful and hence the error code 770 will surely pop up on the screen of your device.

Wait and Play later

This solution is something in which you don’t need to do anything as such but you just need to wait for the bug to get fixed automatically, and you will be able to play and access the online game later. It may sometimes happen that the bug gets fixed automatically due to some reason and then, you will be able to access and play the online game which you are trying to.

This was the solution guide for the Roblox error code 770.

Source: Roblox Forum


It can be said that the Roblox error code 770 is purely the issue of teleportation which can be fixed by following the simple steps that have been mentioned above. Roblox is an internationally accepted wide-range online platform where games are played and made, hence the occurrence of error codes is not a very shocking thing, but fixing them correctly, is what is needed.

Frequently asked questions

How is the Roblox error code 770 different from the other Roblox codes?

The Roblox error code 770 is purely a teleportation issue and that is what makes it different from the other Roblox error codes.

Can Roblox error code 770 be fixed automatically?

It may get fixed automatically with time but there is no guarantee in that. For fixing the bug you need to follow the above-mentioned simple steps.

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