Nike Error Code a044dd39 [Simple Ways To Fix]

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Users are coming with Nike Error Code a044dd39, and they are having nothing to do. They are facing a lot of trouble when this error code is appearing on their screen. They fail to avail the offers of the promo codes that they are trying to apply while they are putting a purchase of their selected items.

Nike is a multinational company headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, United States. Users can get the benefits of the footwear, apparel, equipment, services, and accessories provided by this multinational company.  

Like many applications, sometimes users can’t ignore the presence of an error code on this platform. They may also face errors and sometimes these errors may not be justified and waste much time.  Error code a044dd39 on Nike is one of these errors that users are facing and helpless as no official acknowledgment is present related to this error.

But, luckily we have gathered some simple pieces of information for this piece of error and hopefully, you will be glad. So let’s focus on this error code like- what is this mean and what simple steps you should follow to resolve it. 

What does Nike Error Code a044dd39 mean?

Nike Error Code a044dd39

Nike Error Code a044dd39 relates to the promotional codes and generally indicates an issue in availing the offers of the promo code that you are trying to apply. Users see the error code when they apply a promotion code and the error message looks like- Promotional Code Not Applied: Code A044dd39. According to the user’s tweets, this particular error code appears when a user tries to replace an order and uses a promo code to do that.

Now, head on to the possible solutions, and let’s solve this error when this error code does appear.

Note: Before We are proceeding to its fixes, you must have to know the process to use a promo code when you are doing a purchase on Nike or replacing your ordered item.

ReadNike Promo Codes Terms and Conditions.

Fix: Nike Error Code a044dd39

We hope, you have been read the terms and conditions to use a Promotional code on Nike. Now, to fix this nonofficial listed error code, here are some steps that you should apply:

Connect With customer Support

The first thing you should do is to connect with Nike Customer support. You can get contacted them using their official Twitter page. Here you can tweet by tagging them, and ask for a resolution on the error code that you are facing.

Nike also provides a live chat option that users can avail themselves of to get rid of this error code. Another option that users have to get in touch with Nike support is- by calling them. Users can call on- 1800 102 6453 for their problem.

Usually, a support member takes 2 to 3 days to get in touch with you, till then, you can try the below-listed steps.

Your Internet Connection Should be Checked

Maybe, you have been disconnected from your internet while you are trying to use the promo code. So you should check if there is internet connectivity or not.

If you have connected to the internet then, try restarting your router as well as device and see if this helps to rectify the error code a044dd39.

Refresh your browser 

Refreshing your browser means you are giving a fresh start to the process. SO, sometimes this could be beneficial. You can also clear the browser’s cache and cookies data and try again to see the status of the error code.

Check Server Situation

Maybe, the server gets a downtime due to a huge number of users or some other reasons like some maintenance work. So check the status and wait for some time till then, it comes to its original state.

Switch account and browser

Try switching your account and the browser and see if these tip helps to fix the issue or not. If you are using a Chrome browser, switch on to another browser and see if this helps.

We hope, this guide helped and the error code has been gone from your screen. If not, contacting the support will be the best try for you.


How do I connect with Nike Support?

You can use their Official Twitter handle or do a live chat. You can also make a call to them on- 1800 102 6453.

How do I fix the ‘Forbidden access’ error on Nike?

The ‘Forbidden access’ error on Nike can be fixed easily by clearing the cache and cookies data of the default browser.

What is the reason why my Promo code is not working?

A list of causes behind this issue read an official announcement done by Nike on terms of the use of a Promo code. By the way, the main cause could be a wrong typing of the promo code or the code has been expired.

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