How to Setup Gmail in Windows 10

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How to Setup Gmail in Windows 10: If you are a Windows 10 user, this will be quite good news that there is a very simple way to view your contacts, Google mail, and calendar using a built-in store application rather than using an Outlook account. You all know about Outlook, it is a big and great Email client to the corporate Employee. Before Windows 10, no one had the other option to rather than using Outlook or keeping one tab open in Chrome for the Email.

Now, Windows 10 has a new version of Mail, Calendar, and People application in-built in it. These all mail, calendar, and people apps can be synced respectively with the Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contact apps. These apps are very easy to use and very helpful to all, who love to use Mail, calendar, and people apps. In this guide, we’ll teach you the methods to quickly and easily sync your Google account with your Windows 10 PC.

Note- If you upgrade your present OS to Windows 10 and log in with your Microsoft Account, your linked email address will be set up automatically. You will also get some other benefits, your account will also be created in the Calendar app as well.

How to Setup Gmail in Windows 10?

To begin, we should set up the Mail application first. The incredible thing about the three applications in Windows 10 is, they are totally coordinated. When you add your Google account to one application, it will automatically be added to the next two applications as well. Also, each application has connections to the next applications in the sidebar, so it’s too simple to switch between the applications.

Here are the steps and ways to set up your Gmail in your Windows 10 PC:

  • First of all, Click on the start and type Mail to open the Mail App. The top result will be the Mail – Trusted Microsoft Store app
How to Setup Gmail in Windows 10
  • There are three sections in the Mail App. The first one is the sidebar where you will see your list of email accounts and folders, the second one is where a short description of all the emails in that folder will appear and the last one is the right windowpane where you can see the full individual email.
How to Setup Gmail in Windows
  • Now, click on the Account from the left-hand side pane, and then after that, click on the Add account option from the right-hand pane. A popup window will open now, from here you can choose your email service provider from here.
How you can Setup Gmail in Windows 10
  • You can choose Yahoo, iCloud POP, IMAP, Gmail, or Outlook email account from here but, in your case you have to select Google. Now, after selecting Google you have to enter your all Google credentials which are required. After filling in credentials, click Allow to let Windows access your calendars, email, and contacts.
  • After the success of these steps, now, you will see a message – “All Don-Your account was set successfully”. Now, all your emails from Gmail will show up in the Mail App. By default mail app will show you the Inbox folder. 

So imagine a scenario in which you have an entire pack of Gmail names. Now, feel free to tap on the More links. It’ll stack up the remainder of your Gmail labels, which are fundamentally envelopes in the Mail application. However, the panel vanishes once you click off of it, so in the event that you need admittance to a few names constantly. It’s a smart thought to right-click and pick Add to Favorites. These names will presently appear under the Inbox organizer and can be gotten to constantly.

The mail app downloads only three months’ Emails so if you want to make a change to this, you have to go to Settings. After clicking on the setting icon a new panel will open in front of you. From here you can manage various settings for the mail app. Next, you have to select the “Manage Accounts” option and click on it.

Manage Email Account

Now, click on the email account for which you want to change the settings. Next, choose that Gmail account.

Click on the account, a new dialog will appear on the screen, from here, you can change the name of the email account, change the mailbox sync settings, or can delete it. 

Change Mail box Sync settings

After clicking on this link the Gmail sync settings dialog box will open. From here, you can choose when new mail should be downloaded.

Change Mail box Sync settings in Windows 10

Now, you can change the time, like you can download all Emails of past weeks or past months, etc. 

Sync Google with the Calendar app and People App

Now, you have set up your mail app on your Windows 10 device.  To sync your google account to the calendar and the People app, just open these applications to see Google calendar or Google Contacts. The Calendar application will also add your account. Now, open the people application and you will see that this is very similar to the other two apps. 

Notable thing:

There are many users who could report that their mail isn’t syncing correctly. In this case, you have to do one thing, third-party security software not allowing the connection through, whether it’s AVG, Avast, BitDefender, etc. So, you will need to go to the security software setting and find a possible issue.  

Hope this article will help you to set up your Gmail account on your Windows 10 PC. Thanks..

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