How to Use Blockquotes in Discord [New]

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If you have joined a Discord channel, and looking for how to use Blockquotes in Discord then, this guide may help you. When a huge number of people joined a channel and chat with each other, the channel becomes pretty busy at that time.

Note: The official documentation of the feature is outdated now. Based on the testing that was made in November 2020, this guide has included accurate data.

When you use a blockquote, you highlight some texts in a format that is generally recognized as being a quote. So let’s talk about how you can use a blockquote.

What do you have to do to use Blockquotes in Discord?

The tested syntax to use Block Quotes is ‘>’ or >>> followed by a space. Make sure the greater than symbol ‘>’ or ‘>>>’ is to be used at the beginning of the text that you want to quote. This symbol creates a single-line blockquote. 

If this doesn’t work then, make sure that no text is present before the greater than symbol ‘>’ or ‘>>>’ and no space directly after it.

If you don’t know how to quote someone in Discord or how to quote text on Discord then, the guide with easy understanding will surely help you. Find this guide below and use quoting syntax to quote your friends and other people in Discord.

Complete Guide to Quote Someone on Discord.

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How to Use Blockquotes in Discord

Some FAQs or People also ask

How do you highlight in Discord?

To highlight texts in Discord, users may use arm syntax. Just insert ‘arm’ in the first line of the code block that will after the three backticks symbol. Now, with no space, type your text in the second line. Next, close the code block using the three backticks. That’s it. 

What does RED text mean in discord?

If you see RED text in Discord, then this usually means that the message hasn’t been sent, and the other group members can’t see this text message. Like other messaging apps, you can also retry and resend this message or text.

What does green mean on Discord?

Like many applications and software, Discord also has some status icons that represent your status when you use this application or software. There are five status icons that Discord use and the “Green icon on Discord indicates that the user is online”

What does Moon mean Discord?

The yellow crescent moon-shaped icon or Moon icon on Discord denotes Idle status. This Moon icon will appear at the lower right corner of a user profile image.

How do you get purple status on Discord?

A purple status on DIscord indicates streamer mode that appears when a user streams like on Twitch. When a user starts streaming the online status turns into the streaming status, and the Green icon converts into purple. So basically, a purple status is nothing but a converted status of online to streaming.

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