How to fix Webcam Error 0xA00F424F (0x80004005/0x80004001)

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Webcam helps people to take photos, shoot videos, and also take video conferencing or video chat. So the webcam is a very useful tool for everyone but, some users are reporting the webcam error 0xA00F424F, 0x80004005 or 0x80004001 when they are going to save their photos clicked by using their webcams. Sometimes, users are getting this error code while they take conversation using Skype on their system. But here are some methods provided by doing very deep research that will resolve this error code.


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What is the importance of the webcam on your PC or Computer?

We live in a digital era that is growing day by day. In this case, we have to move with the technology. Many works are happening from home or far from the clients. Here, a webcam plays a very important role to check out the work progress or providing some tips and solutions in the meantime. Like this, a webcam becomes very important to everyone who is doing such type of work.

Webcam Error 0xA00F424F, 0x80004005/0x80004001

Webcam Error 0xA00F424F, 0x80004005 or 0x80004001 reflects to the read and write permission problem. This error code appears when you take a photo using the webcam and try to save it to a folder but the folder doesn’t allow you to do so. 

Webcam Error 0xA00F424F, 0x80004005/0x80004001

We have mentioned three error codes above because users can get any of them but the reason will be the same for every error code. So there will be a common solutions to all of them 

Fix Webcam Error 0xA00F424F/0x80004005 or 0x80004001

If the error is quite bothering you and you are looking for a solution to resolve it then this blog will help you to do so. You can resolve this error code by:

  • Edit the Camera Roll folder’s permission.
  • Resetting the Camera Application.
  • Uninstalling and Installing the Skype.

Edit the Camera Roll folder’s permission

Camera Roll folder is a folder where the taken pictures by the camera application are saved. Sometimes, it doesn’t allow the camera app to save the pictures in it. So by editing the permission, you can resolve this error code.

  • Open File Explorer by pressing the ‘Windows+E’ key together.
  • Under this PC section click on the Pictures folder option.
  • Now, you will see the Camera Roll folder on the appeared window.
Fix Webcam Error 0xA00F424F, 0x80004005/0x80004001
  • Make a right-click on the folder and click on the properties. 
Fix Webcam Error 0xA00F424F
  • Next, go to the security tab and click on the edit button then select the account you are logged in with.
  • Make sure the permission is set to yourself.
  • Now, click on Apply and then on the OK button. 

Reset the Camera Application

If you have tried the above method and the problem persists yet, then you can try this method. You can reset your camera application completely by following steps:

  • From the appearing window choose Apps and click on it.
  • Now, go to the Apps and features option and click on the Camera.
  • Select the Advanced option and click on it, next, click on the Reset button.

This will reset the camera application on your Windows 10 Device.

Uninstalling and Installing the Skype

Sometimes, the Webcam Error 0xA00F424F or 0x80004005 or 0x80004001 can appear if you are using Skype to do conversation. In this case, first, you should follow the above two methods to resolve the error but in case if the issue is not resolved, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the Skype Application. You can uninstall the application from the control panel then reinstall it and check if the issue has gone or not.

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