Outlook Error 80041004 code on Windows 10 [Fix]

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Fix Outlook Error 80041004: This error code appears while you try to send or receive emails using Microsoft Outlook. Users are facing this error code on their Windows 10 PC, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 as well. If you are facing this error, you can not ignore it because if you leave it or ignore it, you might be not able to receive or send any email using your Microsoft Outlook account. 

Reason Behind Outlook Error code 80041004

Here are the reasons behind the Error code 80041004:

Corruption of temporary data –  Sometimes, corruption of some temporary data related to your Email account cause this error code. To deal with this type of corruption, you can simply remove your account and re-add your mail account. 

Corruption Outlook profile – If corrupted temporary data is not behind this error, corruption of the outlook profile might be a reason. In this case, you can simply fix this issue by creating a new profile.

Now, we will discuss these two culprits step by step hope these will fix your problem.

Re-add the Email Account to Outlook

Mostly, this issue occurs due to the corruption of some temporary data associated with your email account. When we do an AV scan, then sometimes, this quarantine some outlook files which causes such type of problem. This issue can also happen due to some unexpected machine interruption. This issue might make your Outlook installation unable to sync data properly. 

This time, you need to re-create your mail account again from the Mail menu in the classic Control Panel Interface to fix this type of problem.

Now, we are going to discuss one by one step to re-add an email account to your Outlook mail account. Just follow these steps and you will be able to add a new Email to your Outlook account.

Step 1. Press- “Windows + R” button together to open the Run Dialog Box. Now, type the text- ‘Control’ in the search bar that appeared in front of you, hit the Enter button. Next, a classic control panel interface will open after hitting the Enter button. 

Open run dialog box

Step 2. Now, in the control panel window type ‘mail’ in the search bar on the top right corner of the appearing window to search mail application.

Open control panel through run

Step 3. A window with a list of results will appear, click on the mail from this list. Now, from the email tab click on the new button.

Open mail through the control panel

Step 4. Now, an ad account window will open, fill in your email and password before starting the process of adding a new account. 

Outlook mail email and password

Step 5. Now, go to the account setting option and click on it, then click on the email. Click on the Remove button to delete your old email account from Outlook mail.

Step 6. This is the final step, and in this step, select your newly created email and set it as a default by clicking on the Set as Default option. You can open your Outlook mail, and your issue should be resolved now.

If you are still facing problems with your outlook mail account. You can go with the second method.

Create a new Outlook Profile

Still, if you are facing Outlook Error code 80041004 and the first method did not help you to fix it, then most probably the chance is your outlook profile has been corrupt. If your IMAP account is associated with your Outlook profile, then follow the steps, which are given below to create a new Outlook profile.

Note- Before starting creating a new profile, make sure that Outlook and any other services connected to Outlook are completely closed.

Step 1. Press Windows +R keyboard shortcut to open the run dialog box.

Step 2. Now, type ‘control.exe’ in the search bar, and hit the Enter button. A Classic Control Panel window will open now.

Open run

Step 3. On the control panel window, scroll down the appeared list, and check for the Mail (Microsoft Outlook) option, click on it.

Mail option

Step 4. Now, under the profile section, click on the Show Profile option, select the profile which you want to remove from your account, and click on the Remove button. 

Step 5. If a notification popup opens, click on the Yes button to finish the removal process of your old account.

Step 6. Now, restart your computer and open your Outlook, follow the step required to configure your account again. 

Hope! Now, your problem is resolved completely. Thanks…

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