LG TV Error Code 202 [How to Fix 2024]

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LG needs no introduction as it is a very popular brand across the world. All the products of this brand including LG TV are liked very much by the users. But sometimes, these products also show errors and bugs. Here in this article, we are going to talk about LG TV error code 202. If you have received or are getting this error code, read this guide which will be helpful in fixing this error code.

What does LG TV Error Code 202 indicate?

LG TV Error Code 202 indicates that the connection between the Router and the TV server is not established, or you can say that the TV server is not getting an Internet signal. If you are getting this error code, you should check all of the wires that are connected to your devices and also check the power cable on the router/modem.

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How to Fix LG TV Error Code 202?

LG TV Error Code 202

This is a connection error that might appear due to a weak or no internet connection situation. So to fix this error code you should try these workarounds:

  • First of all, check if the Internet connection is proper or not.
  • Check if any wire is disconnected from your devices.
  • Restart your TV and Router/Modem.
  • If there is an issue with the TV server.

Check your Internet Speed

When LG TV Error Code 202 appears, the first thing you should do to check your internet speed. Many times, a poor internet speed is unable to establish proper connectivity between the TV and the apps installed on it

Check Your Internet Speed from here.

If you find it poor, then you should wait till it becomes good, or in case, if it continuously becomes poor, then you should talk to your service provider.

Check all wires that are connected to your devices

Sometimes, you may forget to connect all wires properly to all the devices, and as a result, you may face Error 202 on your LG TV screen. So, make sure you have connected all the wires properly to your device.

Restart your TV and Router/Modem

Restarting the electronic devices can solve many problems, so you should also try this workaround to fix the issue. Just unplug all the wires and then replug and restart the devices.

If there is an issue with the TV server

If there is a problem with the LG TV server then, you can’t do anything you have to just wait until they fix it from their end. You can raise a question on the LG TV Support and ask them related to your concern.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why is my LG TV not connecting to the Internet?

There can be several reasons behind this:

– If the wires are not connected properly.

– Poor Internet Speed.

– A faulty LAN cable and so on.

if you are having any issues connecting your LG TV to the internet this guide may help you:

How to Connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi or Internet

How do you reset an LG TV?

The answer to this question is not very tough, as if you want to reset your LG TV you have to:

1. Open Settings, select the “Support” option and Press the OK button on your Remote.

2. Now, select the General Option.

3. Next, Select Reset to the initial settings option.

4. Confirm if it asks you to do and enter your password.

5. This will automatically reset your LG TV and will pop up a confirmation message.

Hope this guide will help you to fix the LG TV Error Code 202. That’s all…

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