Amazon Prime Error Code 1060 [5 Easy Steps to Fix This Error]

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Amazon Prime Error Code 1060 can irritate users by preventing them from accessing their favorite content on it. Now, the role of this guide comes, as this has simple methods in it, and can be helpful to users in fixing this irritating error code that 1060. 

What does Amazon Prime Error Code 1060 indicate?

Amazon Prime Error Code 1060 usually indicates a low bandwidth issue or internet connection problem. Generally, this may appear due to an unstable network and enough bandwidth issues with the equipment. Resetting your router, switching on an ethernet connection(If possible), and disabling the proxy server helps in fixing this error code. Additionally, you can stop other background running programs too, which can help to fix the issue.

To stream a video flawlessly on Amazon Prime, a stable and good bandwidth network is required. There are some possible methods have mentioned in this guide to fix the issue. Just go through with these, and hopefully, the issue will be fixed in the end.

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How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 1060?

Amazon Prime Error Code 1060

A network issue is caused by many problems so, to fix this error code, there can be many methods, and you have to try them all step by step.

  • Check for the internet speed and Bandwidth.
  • Close other background running Programs.
  • Reset the Router.
  • Disable proxy server (If using any) and remove VPN.
  • If possible, switch to an ethernet connection.

Minimum bandwidth requirements to stream a video

There are minimum requirements to stream an Amazon Prime video on bigger as well as on small screens. If you are streaming on desktop, laptop, or other small-screen devices such as iOS and Android phones then, the minimum bandwidth should be 900 Kbps, while on bigger screens such as Smart TVs, it should be 3.5 Mbps.

So, you should check your internet speed and bandwidth, and if these are not meeting the minimum criteria then, ask your service provider to look at it.

Close other background running Programs

Background running programs may divide the internet speed, bandwidth and slows down it for amazon video as a result, Error Code 1060 may appear. Quitting them or uninstalling unused one may help in fixing the error code. Additionally, Resetting your Router may increase the bandwidth. So, you should also perform this action too.

After performing these actions, try to open Amazon prime again and look if the issue has been solved.

Disable proxy server (If using any) and remove VPN

Using a proxy Amazon Prime video can’t play well as Amazon Prime blocks these users. So if you are using Proxy or VPN, disable it now, and check if the issue is still appearing or has been resolved.

In addition, if possible switch to an ethernet connection, as this provides good bandwidth than the wifi. 

Still, the issue is not fixed then, contact Amazon Support and report this issue.

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