How to Clear Apple TV History [Easy Steps]

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Apple TV stores applications, App cache, and app history. When you search or watch any video or app content the device stores app history to access easily.  When you come a second time to watch that content, you can easily access it from the history. What if you don’t want to show your watched content history to others? For this, you will obviously, search for How to Clear Apple TV History.

If you know this then, the task will be easy for you but, if you don’t then, this guide will help you.

Simple Steps to Clear Apple TV History

Clearing the history of your Apple TV depends on your device, so according to your device, you can select the steps. 

For Desktop App

Follow these steps if you are using the Apple TV desktop App:

  • Open the Apple TV app on your Desktop.
  • Go to the TV and then Preferences in the Menu bar.
  • Select the Advanced tab from the menu.
  • Next, click on the ‘Clear Paly History’ option.

If you want to clear the history on your phone then, try the next.

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For Mobile App

  • Open the app on your mobile.
  • From the top right corner of the screen, click on the Avatar or profile image.
  • All your account information will appear now, find ‘Clear Play History’ and click on it.
  • All done, your device is no more with the old history.
How to Clear Apple TV History


In short, to Clear Apple TV History on your desktop app, open app -> go to the TV and then preferences in the menu bar -> under the advanced tab, click on the ‘Clear Play History’ option. For mobile devices, click on the profile image after opening the app on your mobile, and then, in the all account information section, click on the ‘Clear Play History’, which will in red.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users

Many users have some common questions, which we are going to elaborate on.

How do you delete recently watched on Apple TV?

Go to the Settings and navigate for the ‘Clear Play History’ option, and click on it. This will delete your recently watched on Apple TV.

How do you delete shows from up next on Apple TV?

Deleting History on Apple TV will also delete the shows from up next.

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