How You Can Beat Shahriyar in Nier Replicant

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Defeating bosses in the NieR Replicant is quite interesting as they have stories behind them. If you are playing this game, then you too, would willing to defeat the bosses in the game and would also want to go to the next level of the game. If you are willing to defeat the Shahriyar and facing trouble to do this, then here is a guide on how to beat Shahriyar in Nier Replicant. But first, we will know about this boss.

Who is Shahriyar in Nier Replicant?

Shahriyar is a boss three forms in the game NieR Replicant, and you will see him at the end of the temple where the King of Facade was trapped. By defeating this boss, you will get a possibility to free the King of the Facade.

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Now the question is how you can defeat him and take free the king from the temple. Don’t worry, here is a guide to defeating this boss. 

How to beat Shahriyar in Nier Replicant

To beat the Shahriyar in NieR Replicant you should use Dark Lance which is a form of magic. You should shoot it at a high speed on the pink glowing blocks. A cross-hair appears when you use Dark Lance in Combat, and this helps to aim the lance at the pink glowing blocks.

How to beat Shahriyar in Nier Replicant

A short News about Dark Lance

Dark Lance is a form of magic in the NieR Replicant which can be obtained during the battle with Hansel & Gretel. This can be used to defeat many bosses in the game and very helpful to defeat them. You can also use this to defeat the boss Shahriyar as we have explained above.

So defeating the Boss Shahriyar will be easy for you after reading this guide. Hope you are enjoying our guide to this game.

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