Fix: Windows 11 install error 0x800f0989 or Update Error 0x800f0989

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Are you just going to install Windows 11 on your system but facing an issue or error and you are not able to install the latest update. This guide is for you and can be found as an asset to you so that you can easily install Windows 11 on your system.

What does Windows 11 install error 0x800f0989 indicate?

Install Error 0x800f0989 on Windows 10/11 usually indicates an issue with updating the latest cumulative update. A buggy installation, corrupted system files, or antivirus software may cause this error code and stop the installation of the update.

Solving this error code will be easy with this tutorial. So let’s explore the best possible methods to fix this error code.

Solutions to fix Windows 11 install error 0x800f0989

Windows Update Error Code 0x800f0989 indicate

There can be a list of some actions to fix this error code, and here is it:

  • Disable Antivirus Software.
  • Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.
  • Remove the Recently installed Windows updates.
  • Pause and restart the Update Service.
  • Download and Install the Windows update Manually.

Antivirus Software (Disable Temporarily)

Antivirus software may block some files that may prevent installing the update, as a result, an error code may appear. So, if you are using Antivirus software on your system then, disable it before proceeding to install an update.

Take help of this guide: How to Disable Antivirus software on Windows 10/11?

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter (An Inbuilt Application)

  • Click on Update and Security from the left of the screen.
  • Now, click on Troubleshooter.
  • From the right screen, click on additional troubleshooters.
  • Now, click on Windows Update and click on the “Run the Troubleshooter” button.
  • Next, follow the steps that appeared on the screen.

The troubleshooter will find out the possible cause of the Update Error Code 0x800f0989 and will automatically repair it as well. If it is not able to fix the issue, it will show the next actions on the screen that need to do further.

Remove the Recently installed Windows updates

Sometimes, Windows 11 install error 0x800f0989 may appear after installing the latest update of windows that indicates that you have installed a faulty update. Deleting this recently installed update may fix the problem instantly.

Download and Install the Windows update Manually

To avoid an update error, you should try to download and install the latest windows update manually. Rather than searching online to perform this task, here is a guide that you can follow to do this.

Follow this guide: How to download a Windows update manually?

Pause and Restart the Update Service

  • Type- “services.msc”  in the search area and press OK or Enter on your keyboard.
  • Now, follow this path- Background Intelligent Transfer Service->Cryptographic Services->Windows Update.
  • Now, check one by one, and when you see any service is paused, right-click on that and select Start.
  • Not only do this but also restart all running services too.

Now, reboot your system and check if the Windows 11 install error 0x800f0989 is appearing.

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