How to Fix Error Code 0x87AF000B in Windows 10

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Fix Error Code 0x87AF000B: Basically, this error code is a Microsoft error code, and it appears when we go to download any updates or any software from the Microsoft store. Windows users may face this issue, while they are updating any software, or going to download any new application from the Microsoft store. When you download any update, or any application, a popup of the Error Code 0x87AF000B will appear, which causes hindrance to your download.

Since, Microsoft store doesn’t offer any useful method to resolve this error code, in this post, we are going to tell you 5 methods that will be very useful, and you will be able to fix this issue after reading all the methods. So, let’s start-

Methods to Fix Error Code 0x87AF000B in Windows 10

There can be more solutions to fix this issue, but in this post, these are the 5 methods that we will discuss step by step.

  • By Running Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter.
  • By creating another administrator account.
  • By clearing the Windows Store cache.
  • By uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft Store application.
  • By Resetting the computer to factory settings.

By Running Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

There is a troubleshooter tool in all Windows that help all users to diagnose and solve some issues. So, you can use this tool firstly to fix Error Code 0x87AF000B. Please, follow the steps given below to fix this error with the help of this tool:

Step 1. Click on the Start Menu and go to the Settings, or you can also use Keyboard shortcuts to open settings.

Step 2. Now, a Setting window will open, choose Update & security option.

Step 3. Click on the chosen option, click on the Troubleshoot option from the left corner of the appearing window.

Step 4. Now, from the right-side find out the option ‘Window Store Apps’ furthermore click on it.

Step 5. From the bottom of the right corner, click on the Run the troubleshooter button. 

Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

This will troubleshoot the issues that may cause trouble for Windows Store Apps from working properly.

Fix Error Code 0x87AF000B By creating another administrator account

The tips provided below will help you to create another administrator account to fix the error. Please, follow the steps given below:

Step 1.  Go to the setting, click on the Accounts.

Step 2. Now, click on Family and other users, you will see the option- Add someone else on this PC on the right side of the window.

Fix Error Code 0x87AF000B By creating another administrator account

Step 3. From here, choose- I don’t have this person’s sign-in information, then click on the option- Add a user without a Microsoft account.

Step 4. Now, choose the desired username and password, click on the Next button.

Step 5. This will create a new account, now, set this account as an administrator. Making this account as an administrator follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings, then  Accounts, and then Family and other users option.
  • From here select your newly created account, and choose- Change account type option.
  • You will see the Administrator option under the account type option. Select it, and click on the OK button.

Step 6. Now, you can sign-in using your new account details, and you can start downloading software or updates from the Windows Store.

By Clearing the Windows Store Cache

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the ‘Windows +R’ key together.
  • Now, type- wsreset.exe in the search box then hit the Enter button.
Open Run Dialog Box
  • Check, if the Microsoft Store apps are working or not. If not, then run the troubleshooter repeatedly. 

By uninstalling and re-installing the Microsoft Store application

This is a very simple method to fix the Error Code 0x87AF000B in your Windows 10 PC. Just sign out to your account and re-install the Store application, and this will fix the error.

  • Open your Windows Store on your PC.
  • On the upper right corner, you will see an account button, click on it.
  • Choose your account and click on the sign-out option.

Now, you will be sign-out from your account, and you need to uninstall the Microsoft Store application now. After installing the store app, without sign in the back, reinstall the app store back. Now, sign-in to your account, and your app should start working from here.

By Resetting the computer to factory settings

This is the last option to do. If all the above methods are not working to fix the Error, you could use this method.

  • Go to the Start Menu, and click on the Setting option.
  • Now, click on the Updates & Security option, then go to the  Recovery, and then click on to Get started option.
  • Now, choose- Keep my files and Remove everything, under the ‘choose an option’ section of the appearing window.
Reset the computer to factory settings
  • After choosing this option, click on the Next, and then click on the Reset button.

These were the 5 methods to fix your issue. I hope! these methods will help you to fix your issue. Thanks…


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