LG TV Error Code 324 [Fixed With Easy Solutions]

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TVs are made to entertain people, but sometimes some glitches can irritate users. Here LG TV error code 324 is troubling many users and they are feeling helpless because they are not getting enough information about it. It looks like users won’t have much trouble anymore, as we have decided to provide some useful information related to this error in one place.

Now, you can expect a fix for this error code. We have tried to provide the easiest ways to solve the error code and hope this will help. Let’s start trying these actions and see does they help.

LG TV Error Code 324: Short Description

An unstable network error (error code 324) on an LG TV often means that the device is unable to connect to the App Store. Poor internet connection and an outdated version of your TV firmware or application can cause this error code.

So, to fix the error code, you should try troubleshooting your internet connections and then update your TV’s firmware to its current version.

How to Fix LG TV Error Code 324?

LG TV Error Code 324

As we have discussed above, these actions should be performed to fix the error code:

Check Internet Connections

Poor internet connections and speed prevent the device from connecting to the app store. So this would be a good idea to troubleshoot these things first. 

Check whether the required internet speed is available or not, if it is below than required then, try to contact your service provider and ask them to fix it. You can also check specific app internet speed

Update your LG TV firmware to its latest version

There are two ways to update your LG TV firmware and you can choose either of any. Follow, the complete guide on it provided by LG itself. Usually, users select the automatic option but, you should choose the manual method as sometimes your TV may fail to install it automatically due to an internet problem.

Power Cycle your Device

Unplug your TV from all the cables and power plugs, wait for 5 minutes, and replug it. Also, do the same process with your router and whatever internet option you are using.

Users Choice

This is an additional method but, most of the users found this helpful. What do you have to do? 

To fix LG TV Error Code 324, you should try to change the MTU Value and MSS value in the router settings. Just log in to your router settings page using your password and user ID (Default- password, admin), go to the advanced option, then click on setup. Now, select Wan setup, enter 64 to 1500 in the MTU size field, and click on the Apply button. Commonly, changing the MTU value to 1400 may help, or you can change this value gradually and check if the error code is resolved.

Note: If nothing helps please feel free to ask the community experts or contact LG TV Support.

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