How to fix a PS4 That Won’t Charge [6 Simple Ways]

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Are you stressed about the issue that PS4 won’t charge? If yes, then you’re at the right place where you surely get an effective solution for resolving the issue in a few minutes. So don’t get late; move forward to the next step.

Before we start talking about the solutions, it’s very important to discuss the causes so we can proceed accordingly with the troubleshooting methods.

Fix a PS4 that Won’t Charge

There are many reasons like faulty cables, ports, hardware issues, and some minor or major malfunctions, which can further affect the performance and prevent your PS4 from charging smoothly.

To resolve the problem “PS4 won’t charge”, you have to follow these troubleshooting methods, so let’s see over there – 

Plug your PS4 to your PC or some other devices

Sometimes your PS4 controller is not charged by its PS4 USB port. At that time, try to connect your PS4 to other devices, such as your PC or laptop. If your controller starts charging while connected to other devices, it means there is a problem with the USB port of your PS4.

Use a different USB cable

Sometimes the problem is your USB cable, which is not able to transfer sufficient power to the controller to perform its functions. To prevent this, try to use USB cables to improve the condition.

Power Cycle the PS4

If you are still a victim of the problem then, perform a simple power recycle, where you have to press and hold the power button for a little bit until your PS4 turns off. 

For 20 minutes, forget about your console, and after that, plug in the console and switch on.

Clean the Charging Port

Your charging port may collect dirt inside the port that may affect the charging process. To avoid that, you should clean the charging port with the help of a toothpick. 

Reset Your PS4 Controller

If your controller shows a blinking white light while you plug in it, it means that your controller might have an issue with firmware that affects the charging process. To resolve this issue, you have to reset your device with the help of a toothpick or something similar. Insert the toothpick into the hole on the backside of the controller and hold yourself for 5–10 seconds. It will help to prevent the issue.

Change the Charging Port and Battery

If your controller has an issue like loose or damaged charging, either your controller battery does not perform well, which means you have to seek replacement of both the things charging port LR battery, but if you are a newbie, avoid making it yourself and seek help from a professional. 

Bottom Lines

If your PS4 has minor to moderate issues related to charging, then the above-mentioned suggestions will surely work for you, but if there is a major problem, you have to consult a professional or buy a new one.

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