How To Fix “Check Your Phone Number” Error on Spotify

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Are you facing a “Check Your Phone Number” error on Spotify while trying to log in to your account? Continue reading this guide to know the solutions.

Spotify provides 5 ways to sign in to your account: with Google, Apple, Facebook, email id, and phone number.

Some users are unable to log in to their Spotify account using their phone number. They are getting a “Check your phone number” or “Oops! Something went wrong, please try again or check out our help area” error message whenever they try.

In this guide, you’ll learn why Spotify login is not accepting via your mobile number and how to fix this problem.

Can't login Check Your Phone Number on Spotify

Why is Spotify not logging in with a phone number?

If you can’t log into your Spotify account with your phone number, it could be due to issues with your browser’s cache and data.

Otherwise, sign-up and log-in authentication via mobile phone number is not possible in your country.

Login issue is very common and most of the time it occurs due to temporary glitch, corrupted cache, old version, bad/unstable/slow internet, wrong credentials, server-side issue, etc.

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How to Fix the “Check Your Phone Number” Error on Spotify

To fix the “Check your phone number” or “Oops! Something went wrong, please try again or check out our help area” error on Spotify, close the app and retry and if this doesn’t work, try logging in with your email address associated with your account. 

You can also clear your browser’s cache & data or open Spotify on your browser in an incognito window.

Close the app and retry

If the problem is happening with the Spotify app, close and retry. Temporary glitches can be fixed easily by doing this.

  • Close the app.
  • Open and try to log in once more.

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Clear your Browser’s Cache (Chrome)

  • Open a new browser window, and click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Select “Clear browsing data…” from the “More tools” option.
  • Select the time range as “All Time” and tick the boxes next to the options- “Browsing history”, “Cookies and other site data”, and “Cached images and files.”
  • Click on “Clear data.”

Switch to another Login Options

If login with your phone doesn’t work, you can choose another option as the platform provides 4 other options to sign in to your Spotify account:

  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Facebook
  4. email id

If nothing helps you to sign in to your account, you can contact support.

Tell us how this guide goes for you! Thanks!

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