How to Play the Spotify Snake Game (Eat This Playlist)

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Are you a music listener on Spotify? Do you want to know how to play the Spotify Snake Game called “Eat This Playlist.” Keep reading this guide.

As a music and podcast app, Spotify has a huge customer base from all over the world. The platform has the latest trendy music that can be streamed on your phone whether it is Android or iOS.

Discovering new music, creating playlists, exploring different genres, and enjoying high-quality sound are just some of the great features that users love while using this app.

Now, Spotify has released its own game called “Eat This Playlist.” The game can be played from a playlist. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to play the “Eat This Playlist” game on your Android or iOS devices.

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How to Play the Spotify Snake Game (Eat This Playlist)

What is Snake Game or “Eat This Playlist” on Spotify?

The “Eat This Playlist” is a snake game released by Spotify. In this, the snake eats objects to grow and the objects are nothing but the Songs. 

The song starts playing when you eat one object. On colliding with yourself or the wall, you will lose the game.

However, if the snake dies in the game, you can tap on ‘Try Again’ to start a new game.

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How to play the Snake Game on Spotify?

To play the Snake or “Eat This Playlist” game, you will need to navigate to a playlist of a minimum of 20 songs. 

Now, tap on the three dots, scroll down, and tap on the “Eat this playlist” option to start the game.

If the option is not showing to you, your Spotify is tunning an older version. Update the app and try to play the game.

Here are the steps:

  • First, check if Spotify needs an update, update it to the latest version.
  • Navigate to “Your Library”.  If you don’t have a library, you can create one.
  • Make sure the library has at least 20 songs or more.
  • Now, select a library and tap on the three dots on the playlist.
  • Scroll down and select and tap on the “Eat this playlist” option.
  • The game will start. Play the game and enjoy.

Note that if your playlist has less than 20 songs, the “Eat this playlist” option will not show up to you.

Tell us how this guide goes for you! Thanks.

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