British Gas App Not Working: Fix in Minutes

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Are you facing issues with British Gas App? Is British Gas App not working? Is it crashing or not opening or stuck on a white screen? Get all answers in this guide, just read it till the end. 

British Gas app makes it easy when it comes to paying your gas bill, booking an engineer, booking one-off boiler repairs, tracking and managing engineer appointments, or submitting meter readings.

Why is the British Gas App Not Working?

The British Gas App may stop working due to a temporary glitch or bug in the App, a server issue, corrupted cache & app data, unstable internet, or an outdated version. Sometimes, a compatibility issue could also be a culprit.

Is British Gas App Servers Down Today?

If the British Gas app is not working but the other apps are working properly, there is a possibility that the app servers are down. 

Visit this link to check whether the server of the British gas app is down or not. If there is a spike in reporting, this confers that there is some issue with the app servers and many users are facing that issue.

Wait for some time and the British Gas team will resolve the issues, and the app will start working again.

Steps to Fix “British Gas App Not Working”

Restart Your Device

To fix a temporary glitch or issue with the British Gas app, just restart your device. Close the British Gas app and restart your device. 

Launch the British Gas app after restarting the device. This will give a new start to the app, and the issue will be fixed.

Check your Internet Connection

Ensure that your device is connected to the internet or not. Internet connection is the first requirement to run any app on any device.

To fix the issue with the British Gas app, check for a stable internet connection. 

Also, switch your internet- if you are using mobile data move on to the Wi-Fi, or if you are using Wi-Fi, move on to the mobile data. See, if this helps or not to get back the British gas app.

Logout and login again

Simple but, effective. Just log out from the British app and re-login. Check if this help to fix the issue with the British Gas app or not.

Open the British Gas app and go to your profile, click on sign out or log out opinion. After that, log in to your account.

Check Server Status

British Gas App Not Working

As a culprit of “British Gas App Not Working”, you can consider a server outage. Due to any maintenance work or a huge number of users landing on the platform at the same time, the app server may get busy or shut down temporarily. 

So, check the British Gas App server status and wait for a while until the British Gas team resolves it.

Install Pending Update

The British Gas app may stop working if you are using its outdated version. If a new update has been launched for the app, download and install it otherwise, the app will stop working on your device.

So, to fix the issue with the British Gas app, install its latest version and the issue will resolve.

Clear App Cache

In general, when there is some issue with the British Gas app, clearing the app cache fits better to resolve the issue. 

Android Users, Go to settings >> Go to the apps section >> Search for British Gas App and click on that >> Tap on clear cache. The App cache will be cleared now.

iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> Search for the British Gas App and click on that >> Tap on iPhone Storage >>  Tap on Offload App button >> Lastly, reinstall the British Gas app.

Uinsainatall and Reinstall British Gas App

To fix issues with the British Gas app, reinstall it. Sometimes, uninstalling and reinstalling the British Gas app helps to resolve the issue with it.

Clear the app cache and then, delete the British Gas app. After that, reinstall it and check if the issue with the app has been resolved or not.

Contact Britsh Gas Support

When nothing helps like you have checked your internet, installed the latest version, checked server status, cleared app cache, and reinstalled the app, but no change, contacting support is the last option then. 

Contact British Gas support and tell them about your issue.

Fix: “British Gas Website Not Working.”

If the British Gas Website is not working then, check your connection, clear cache & cookies data, disable VPN and Antivirus, disable browser extensions and check the server status. Try to open the website in a private window or switch to another browser. If nothing helps, contact support.

Fix: “British Gas App Not Showing Usage”

Close and reopen the British Gas app. Sometimes, this helps to fix the issues with the British Gas app. Also, install the latest version of the app or delete and reinstall it to fix the issue.

How to fix “British Gas Live Energy Not Working”?

If British Gas Live Energy Not Working then, check the server status as there could be chances that the servers are busy. Additionally, you can close and reopen the app, install the app’s latest update, and uninstall and then reinstall the British Gas App. 


To fix issues with the British Gas app, check for a stable internet connection, clear the app cache and update the British Gas app to its latest version. This will fix the issue and the app will start working fine.

Additionally, check server status, and close then reopen the app.

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