Zoom Error Code 13003 [Easy Steps To Fix]

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If you are facing Zoom Error Code 13003 don’t worry, this guide is the right place for you. In this quick and easy stepped guide, you will know what this error code means and the steps that would resolve this error for you.

These days online webinars have boomed and many users use Zoom and other platforms like Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc. As these are digital platforms, having an error code is common. The important thing is to have a solution, and in this guide, you will get solutions to the error 13003.

What does Zoom Error Code 13003 mean?

Zoom Error Code 13003 means that your computer doesn’t have sufficient permission to install Zoom rooms. In simple words, the account that you are using does not have the necessary permissions to install the applications. This means you have to provide the necessary permissions to install Zoom rooms and fix the error code on your device.

Let’s see how you can provide the necessary permissions to resolve the error code 13003 from your screen.

Fix Zoom Error Code 13003

Zoom Error Code 13003

Some simple tasks are going to be mentioned below, you have to perform these, and the error code will be settled.

Provide Admin Rights To Install Zoom

Ensure that you are an admin or using your device as an admin. If you don’t have admin rights, know how to create an administrator account and then perform the next step. 

  • Now, right-click on the installer and install Zoom with admin rights.
  • Open the Application and see if the issue has been resolved or still you are facing the error 13003.

Note: If your account is managed by your organization, contact your IT support to install the Zoom rooms as an admin.

Close Similar Programmes

Similar applications like Skype, MSTeams, etc may create conflicts in installing files of the Zoom application. So the best way to prevent such type of conflict is to stop the similar programs and then, install Zoom.

  • Type- taskmgr and hit the Ok button on your keyboard.
  • Next, click on the Processes tab.
  • Right-click on the program that you want to close and select End Task from the list of options.
  • Try to download Zoom and see if this time the error 13003 is not appearing.

Update Drivers

Video and audio drivers on your system may get outdated. Update your drivers and see if this fixes the error.

  • Launch the Device Manager and go to the Driver category.
  • See for Sound, Video, Game controller, and Display Adapter.
  • Expand each category and select Update Driver from the list of options.
  • If still facing the error, select uninstall device option and remove the current driver.
  • Now, restart your computer and proceed to install Zoom.

Perform a Clean Boot

If nothing helps, perform a clean boot of your system and see if this helps. Microsoft has its official article on how to perform a clean boot, you can visit and follow the steps mentioned in it from here.

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